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This blog describes integration scenarios between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Bus and RabbitMQ with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (f.k.a HCI). These scenarios are to show that non SAP integration scenarios can easily be implemented using third party adapters for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The Advantco AMQP adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration and the MS DynCRM Adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration were developed based on the SAP Cloud Platform Integration ADK.





In the outbound scenario, SAP Cloud Platform Integration polls customer data from a RabbitMQ queue via the AMQP adapter and creates Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM via the DYNCRM adapter. Upon changes to the Accounts in Dynamics, a plugin pushes the changes to an Azure Cloud Service Bus topic. An AMQP sender channel acts as a subscriber to the topic to receive the changes from Dynamics.




SAP Cloud Platform Integration Flows

The screenshots below show the some of the configuration steps for these scenarios in SAP Cloud Platform Integration


Integration package


Outbound scenario


Inbound Scenario


DYNCRM channel configuration


AMQP channel configuration

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