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Greetings, Community Member!

Purpose of this blog

When we think of adapting UI as a Key User, we start off with in-app Adapt UI feature. But before publishing our changes, how to share it with other Key Users, to get the right feedback. This short article is about the same.

Here we go...

As Key User - Let's say, you have a requirement to add or remove or update an app as Key User.

  1. The first step would be to ensure if you have Role SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER assigned.

  2. With the role assigned, you proceed with UI adaptation. And launch the Fiori app.

  3. Hit the Adapt UI option from Me area.

  4. Perform UI adaptation as per the requirement.

  5. Hit Save As

  6. Next subsequent screen will ask for details for your New Fiori App Variant.
    Make sure whichever entry (Title, Sub-title, Icon) you have provide in this screen are saved for reference.

  7. Once you hit save, an ID is generated.

  8. Copy this id.

Prepare all the information from above activity, and ask your Administrator to make this available for other Key User.
Details require would be: -
For Target Mapping: Generated ID,
For Fiori Tile: Title (as it is, with no change on what you gave in step 6 above), Other details - if provided (Subtitle & Icon).

For Admin - You have received the request from Key User, it's time to make it available for them.

  1. Get the Business Catalog which Key User has the access to and hold the Fiori App which was adapted. It should be same, and not the original catalog (if referenced from standard)

  2. Create an App Tile

  3. Fill in tile details, as provided by the Key User

  4. Give SemanticObject-Action of your choice & save.

  5. Create a Target Mapping.

  6. Fill in SemanticObject-Action provided on step 4.

  7. Give the Generated ID given by Key User in ID field & save.

It is recommended to create a new catalog and assign it to Key User, if users other than Key Users also have access to the same catalog.


Now the other Key Users, who have access to the same Business Catalog we made changes into, will be able to add the Tile using App Finder.
At the end, when all the required feedback is gathered, publish the app and enjoy

Feel free to post your thoughts on refining this article. Thanks for your time, I hope you find this helpful!
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