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After support package upgrade to SP11 in SAP SOLMAN 7.2, while Focused Build set-up in Solution Manager, then we need to implement a mandatory collective note for Focused Build 2910105 - Focused Build: Technical collective note for ST-OST 200 SP06, as the part of the guided procedure given by SAP in SOLMAN_SETUP.

The manual activity of the collective note 2910105 says to download and activate bc-set SALM_TESTSUITE_SP05-SP06, but till SP11 you will not find this bc-set in your system.


The manual activity mentioned in note as below:


The bc-set SALM_TESTSUITE_SP05-SP06 is not present in system (t-code:SCPR3):


So, the question is what should we do at this point of time?

Because as mentioned in the collective note 2910105, the manual activity is mandatory but the bc-set mentioned in the manual activity of the note is not present in the system.


So I have tried to share my experience on how to do the needful at this point of time and what are the challenges one will face while doing so.



In place of bc-set SALM_TESTSUITE_SP05-SP06, you can activate bc-set /SALM/TESTSUITE in your solution manager system. Both bc-set works the same and served the purpose.


Steps to download and activate the bc-set /SALM/TESTSUITE:

  • Run T-CODE: SCPR3 and click as indicated below and select "All BC Sets":

  • Scroll or search to the bc-set /SALM/TESTSUITE and double click it to download.

  • Go to T-Code SCPR20 to activate it. But at the time of activation, you may face below error:



How to Remove the below error while activating bc-set /SALM/TESTUITE:


1. Start transaction SCPR20

2. Navigate over the menu Utilities -> User *

3. Navigate to tab General Settings

4. Tick Use User *

5. Untick German

6. Press icon Copy Settings (Enter)


8. Activate the BC Set with icon Activate BC Set (F7)

9. Start transaction SCPR20 again

10. Navigate over the menu Utilities -> User *

11. Navigate to tab General Settings

12. Untick Use User *

13. Press icon Copy Settings (Enter)



For set-up of Focused Build in Solution Manager system in SP11, the implementation of collective note 2910105 - Focused Build: Technical collective note for ST-OST 200 SP06 is mandatory and so is the manual activity as mentioned in this note.

But when we are not able to find the bc-set as mentioned in the note(SALM_TESTSUITE_SP05-SP06), we can implement bc-set /SALM/TESTUITE , but even at the time of activating this bc-set we may face error as mentioned above.

So in this case, I have tried to demonstrate how to deal with these two challenges:

  1. Which bc-set is the substitute of bc-set SALM_TESTSUITE_SP05-SP06?

  2. How to activate the bc-set /SALM/TESTUITE successfully?


I hope this blog post will help people who are implementing focused build in their landscape.


Thank you.



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