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Version management in SAP Workflow is very good feature to track the changes. Yet, we do not have easy way to compare two version unlikely in ABAP workbench, It gives us possibility to create different versions for requested changes in workflow.

Consider the following case. You have defined a workflow. It is working correctly on production system. A new requirement has arised and you had to make changes. After that you transported your changes to production system. Everything is fine till that point but there is a question mark. What will happen the current workflows which are still not completed. In some business cases it takes days or weeks to complete workflow. SAP Workflow version emerges at that point.

In SAP Help It's written that :

Each time a workflow definition is transported into another system, only the active version is transported. If the workflow definition exists in the target system with the same version number, it is overwritten by the transported version if it has no workflows running. Otherwise, the transported workflow definition is saved with a free version number. The transported workflow definition becomes the active workflow definition in the target system.

As a result, the old workflow instances will work as they were defined and the new ones will work with the new definition.

In most cases this works correctly. However in some cases workflow version is not activated. Since there is no active version of workflow exists, workflow doesn't start. I don't know the exact case but there is an OSS note about it (OSS note 1027175). To activate the version we can use report RSWDACTIVATE to manually activate the version

When you click on activate icon the selected version is activated and workflow will be working correctly with new active definition.

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