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Activating HTTPS in SAP system:

In Latest version of SAP system we do not need any SAPCRYPTOLIB file and profile parameters, why because it will come by default.

1. Download the SAPCRYPTOLIB, extract the sar file and place it into the

$DIR_EXECUTABLE directory, we can find this path in Tx – AL11

(eg : D:\usr\sap\SID\DVEBMGS05\exe)

Note 397175 describes the prerequisites for downloading the library.

2. Set the Environmental Variable in the User Variables and place ticket got from SAPCRYPTOLIB

in the below directory,

3. Maintain the below parameters in the Instance Profile,

4. Goto SMICM and Select E symbol

5. Select checkbox https and goto Service --> Activate

7. Https is activated,

Thank You..

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