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I was not clear in the steps I took Checking out Features from Analysis Office to Design Studio  so I added more steps here in Analysis Office, where I set up the conditional formatting to send to Design Studio.


In my previous job, we had a daily "SitRep" aka Situation Report, with the usual red/yellow/green lights.  I programmed those in ABAP so the lights would display in the Web Application Designer on the portal.


Now I can avoid this by setting up the conditional formatting in Analysis Office as shown below, where I highly projects over budget in red:


This time I am using the down arrow.


I also set up a filter in Analysis Office based on dates.  Then I select the Create Web Application ribbon which will take me to SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio:

Design Studio treats the date filter from Analysis Office as a Dimension Filter:

At start, the conditional formatting from Analysis Office is not honored (project is not showing a down arrow on over budget projects):

I set the Conditional Formatting property to True on the Crosstab and the down arrow appears:

This is how it looks at run time:


So perhaps Analysis Office can start as a prototyping tool and in Design Studio no code or even CSS was required to highlight over budget projects.  Note I am using Design Studio 1.2 and Analysis Office 1.4

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