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There is a very cool functionality i came across while i had to develop a custom interactive form for my client.

Thought of sharing with you all, might be there is a chance that you are already aware of this, but if not then it could be helpful to many.

We had a requirement where we had to build an adobe form with bank copy, client copy and 2 more copies each containing 2 pages. So in all i had to develop a form with 8 pages and 4 copies in total. Now the requirement was as this form was user interactive, so client wanted us to develop it in such a way that when the form is opened, the user should only enter data (for eg Name, Loan number, Date, Name etc) only in the first copy and it should be reflected in all the remaining copies.

This took some research and I could find that the LAYOUT section of the adobe forms has a TOOLS menu and under it there is Action Builder as one of the menu items.


1. Select Action Builder, a new window will open.

2. Add an action, then in the right pane of the same window actions will appear.

3. Select object hyperlink, and then select the (lets say in my case Name field) field which you want to reflect in all remaining copies (in my case 1 + 3 copies).

4. Select the Action from the dropdown as IS CHANGED.

5. Soon you select the action then in the bottom pane you will see the another object hyperlink. This is the result window of what you want to achieve in case of your action which you have chosen.

6. Select object hyperlink and select the the field (Name field in copy 2 in my case), then from the dropdown select IS SET TO VALUE OF FIELD.

7. In the second object Hyperlink, select the field whose value you want to reflect in your field. In my case I selected the NAME FIELD of Copy 1.

Close action builder, activate your form. Execute it and see the magic by writing Name on first copy and it getting reflected in secnd copy as well.



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