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Vol. 3/12 - November 2012

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Welcome to ACT!

As part of the budgeting cycle you are likely planning your projects for next year. If you didn’t manage to get there this year we hope upgrading to BI 4 is one of the projects you are considering. As SAP will be also be releasing an update to BI 4.0 this month, we thought it is a great time to discuss the value of BI 4.0. I see 3 top organizational drivers for this upgrade – CIOs having to deliver high value BI while keeping cost down, better BI end user adoption and mobile devices becoming a top choice for accessing information.

In this issue of the ACT Newsletter, we have focused on bringing together articles not only on upgrading to BI 4 and Self-service BI, but also, as always, information that will continue to support your analytics cultural transformation initiatives.

Saskia Battersby, GM BI Solution Management


3 Reasons why you should upgrade to BI 4.0

BI4 has been picking up momentum lately and it seems like many customers are either deploying BI4 or planning to do so. Everyone is quite excited with the release and can't wait to get started but... there is still one question we all have to answer: WHY should you put money in an upgrade?

Find out why you should upgrade »

BI Strategy: BI Competency Centers Take Center Stage… Again!

As data grows in size and complexity, organizations are struggling to meet the ever increasing demand for analytics and BI Competency Centers (BICCs) are in the spotlight – once more. Ironically, despite the projected 80% annual growth in data and the projection of 50% of enterprise employees use of analytics by 2014 (and 75% by 2020), most organizations today only have a 10% BI adoption rate.

More on BI Competency Centers »

Are You Upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0?

SAP BusinessObjects BI4 includes an implicit cost to upgrade for existing customers. Well, any upgrade does. But many are feeling the sting of, “Ouch, I have to purchase new 64-bit hardware.” and “Ouch, I have to retire Desktop Intelligence”. Instead, we should feel like saying, “Great! I get to invest in new 64-bit hardware.” and “Woo hoo! Die Deski!” If only I were kidding…

See the significance of upgrading to BI4 »

Lessons in Business Intelligence: Be Careful What You Wish For


What’s the purpose of a business intelligence (BI) dashboard? And what could happen when a dashboard inspires behavior changes in an unanticipated way?

Consider dashboards carefully »

Evolution of Self-Service BI


Self-service BI is an important topic which is top of mind for most BI leaders today. Top Analysts estimates that 80% of BI requirements should be carried out by business users themselves. Learn how this is influencing what self-service BI is expected to deliver today, who needs it and the value it can deliver.  Also, how such a solution should be delivered for maximum impact.

Learn more about self-service BI »

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3M: Customer Testimonial Video

3M uses SAP business intelligence software to serve more than 25,000 users and manage more than 200,000 reports, giving users easier access real-time information and enabling them to better serve customers.

Learn how 3M is using BI4 »

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SAP Announces #MobileBI for the iPhone 5


Are you planning to make the jump to the new iPhone 5? Well, we grabbed an iPhone 5 in the SAP Vancouver office to check out the latest version of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile (version 4.3) with support for iOS6. You can try it for yourself by downloading SAP BusinessObjects Mobile on iTunes.

Watch the demo »

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Now Available for Android 4.1

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) tablets and phones is now available on Google Play.

Check out the new capabilities »

New guide with recommendations and best practices to help with deploying and scaling SAP BusinessObjects BI4, including sizing tests and methodology.

View the BI Sizing Guide »

SAP Visual Intelligence point and click interface and engaging visualizations allow you to quickly analyze data for rapid time to insight and business agility – no scripting required.

Download a free 30-day trial »

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  • Nov. 21: Evolution of Dashboards Webcast with Adam Binnie, Donald MacCormick and Jason Rose. Initially, dashboards were used to give an "at-a-glance" overview but now it is the norm for them to be interactive. See the flexibility in creating interactive dashboards without learning a programming language.

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On-demand replays allow you to view keynotes, customer and partner-led campus theater and broadcast center sessions, as well as download PowerPoint presentations at your convenience, 24x7.

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SAP Insider Reporting & Analytics 2012


Watch these clips from the keynote presentations by Steve Lucas Sanjay Poonen at SAP Insider Reporting and Analytics 2012 in Las Vegas.

SAP TechEd 2012 

Session replays of executive keynotes, lectures and more from SAP TechEd 2012 conference are online. Learn from the experts about the latest developments in SAP technologies, focused on SAP NetWeaver, analytics, and mobile platforms.

Watch replays from Las Vegas »



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