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Solution Proof of Concept

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1. Introduction & Requirements

The solution which enables data export of transaction detail fields from the HP NonStop servers, running ACI BASE24, into the on-premise SAP HANA database deployment.

Additional requirements stipulated are as follows:

• Ability to handle large amounts of data throughput • Preferably no channeling of the data through the existing Prognosis management server (running Windows OS) • Preferably no middleware component

2. Environment Overview

  • HP NonStop running ACI BASE24.

  • Prognosis 10.x

  • Cisco UCS C640 M4.

  • SAP HANA Platform (

  • O/S SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3

3. Recommended Solution

The following diagram illustrates Prognosis IR’s recommended solution

  • Data will be exported directly from NonStop to HANA server(s) (not using Prognosis Managing server.

  • Prognosis agent will be deployed on the SAP HANA platform which will provide the benefit of data integrity/queueing between the NonStop and Hana in the case of connectivity issues.

  • The HANA onboard Prognosis agents will stream the data to the nominated HANA database.

  • Prognosis managing server will be used to configure, monitor and manage the Prognosis agents on the 2 platforms.

4. Dependencies & Responsibilities

Iy Twist Responsibilities

  • Provide installation documentation and assistance for Prognosis agent installation.

  • Provide installation files.

  • Assist with Prognosis database collection configuration and record selection • Assist with monitoring setup and validation.

  • Perform Prognosis agent installation on HANA (IR to assist).

  • Review Prognosis records to document and advises on records required for export.

  • Create Database on HANA for storing transaction data.

  • Create and provide details for ODBC connectivity to the target database (ODBC DSN preferred to allow for future changes and userID/password management).

  • Validate data consistency between NonStop and HANA.

5. POC Scope and Success Criteria


  • Deployment on NonStop DR only.

  • Setup of Prognosis agent on SAP platform.

  • Configuration of export between Prognosis installations.

  • Configuration of ODBC connection in the Prognosis agent.

  • Export of TransactionDetail records from BASE24 and BASE24-eps (no user-defined records during POC)

Success Criteria

  • TransactionDetail Records are successfully exported from NonStop into SAP HANA database on a regular basis (eg. Every X seconds/minutes)

POC Setup / Configuration


Iy Twist will need to setup/configure the following:

1. New prognosis management testing server.

2. Create SAP Hana database.

3. ODBC connectivity.

4. Complete prognosis agent deployment prerequisites.

5. Acquire prognosis installation and license files.


1. Deploy Prognosis 11.4 Management Server

a. Can be a virtualized server

b. Minimal spec server: i. 4-cores ii. 8 GB RAM iii. 100GB HDD iv. Windows 10 or Server 2012 or higher v. Network connectivity to Base24 DR/test system and SAP HANA

2. Create SAP HANA Database

a. Create a new database for the records to be exported into. Standard procedure for SAP admin.

b. Grant access to the same user account that will be running the Prognosis agent (eg. ‘prgnusr’)

3. ODBC connectivity

a. Because the prognosis agent is running on SAP HANA itself, there may already be an ODBC driver installed. If not, an ODBC driver can be acquired from SAP support.

b. Create a new DSN on SAP HANA using prognosis user account.

4. Complete prognosis agent deployment prerequisites


b. Home > Deployment and Installation > Installation > Server on UNIX/Linux > New Installation > New Installation c. Follow the installation notes under the following headings: i. Important installation notes ii. Installation checklist

5. Acquire prognosis installation and license files

a. IR Account manager to supply license files.

b. Prognosis software can be downloaded from the IR community page:

c. i. Prognosis 11.4 (Windows) ii. Prognosis 11.4 (Linux)

6. Deploy Prognosis Agent on SAP HANA

a. IR to provide guidance assistance

b. The installation process can be found here:


d. Home > Deployment and Installation > Installation > Server on UNIX/Linux > New Installation > Installation Procedure

e. “Installing from a hard disk”


Ibrahim Yooseff

iy twist

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