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Do you want to achieve your personal goals for 2021? Insight comes in hindsight. Let's help each other achieve our goals. To that end, let's turn our plans into measurable actions and share them. You tell us how to track you.  Other community members and I will hold you accountable throughout the year. 

Let me start by sharing my goal and actionable items for 2021. Over the past few years, I've benefitted from the shared experience of the community. Have I given back the same amount of valuable content? No, I haven't. That will change in 2021. I want to give value back by helping master the journey on SAP Cloud Platform.

To do this, I want to guide newcomers to create business value on SAP Cloud Platform. I’ll focus on continuous improvement following my 2021 developer roadmap. In these areas, I want to add value and reduce complexity. I want to learn how to do it by doing it while covering the process on social media.


Making things look simple is hard, and perfect is the enemy of good, which leads me to a method of:

  1. Learn

  2. Teach

  3. Refactor

I define these steps as follows:

  • Learn: Learning how to add value through efficient use of SAP Cloud Platform. Do not edit or read topics unless they support learning in one of the Journeys areas.

  • Teach: Creating and sharing content to explain the identified topics. Do not create more content than is enough to explain the topic.

  • Refactor: Considering how to better teach the topics. Focusing on areas that will benefit most from the time invested. I evaluate this either by the amount of interest or improved delivery value.

Since my time should not be a limiting factor for delivery, I want to productize the content. This also has the advantage of helping me divide time and money. If I do a lousy job explaining the topics, the market will notice, and I can't continue in the long run.

Some said that learning about contents along the entire journey takes a lifetime. Is creating the first iteration of content to teach the topics possible in a year? I'll be honest - I don't know. But as a colleague once said, without a goal, there is no goal achievement. For me, the process is the prize.

To cover a possible route through the journey, I have to publish at least one post every two weeks. This challenge, besides my daily business, already instills respect in me. But helping others in their successful start with SAP Cloud Platform is worth it.

If you enjoyed this post, please share your goals and actions with the community. And if you want more content like this, please follow me on the various social media channels (e.g. tobias_steckenborn). There, I share my progress and topics related to SAP development every week.

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Be sure to keep me accountable. I would be very grateful as I depend on your feedback to continue learning, posting and growing.
"Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success."  —Ernest Shackleton's

What are your goals for 2021? Can you turn them into actionable measures? How can I help you achieve these goals?
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