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Enterprise modernisation has been the buzz word in business and technology space for quite some time now. It reflects the ongoing need for organisations to stay relevant in an ever-evolving and competitive environment. Integration platforms are the backbone in this modernisation journey for enterprises as they play a vital role in achieving digital transformation, optimising business operations, enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness in today's digital landscape.

It's not surprising that the migration of integration platforms to SAP Integration Suite is becoming a key ask for enterprise customers. For enterprises heavy on SAP applications and technologies, migrating to SAP Integration Suite from their existing platform will make life easy for them, helping them unlock the full potential of their SAP investments, enabling them to stay at the forefront of innovation in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Decision to migrate to SAP Integration Suite can be for various reasons for a customer, some of the common ones which I have come across while dealing with customers are:

  • Consolidation of multiple middleware solutions into one to simplify customer’s landscape.

  • Reduction of operational complexity.

  • Reduction of operations and maintenance cost.

  • Seamless integration with other SAP cloud services.

With this comes the need for tools and accelerators which can help customers speed up their migration process. Every customer wants to get there fast!

Understanding the need of customers and responding with a product is the key mantra that has shaped up the industry.

Being in the Integration space and dealing with customers day in and day out, saw a gap when it came to assessment and automation tool for helping accelerate their migration journey from MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to SAP Integration Suite.

We have developed a tool which does the same and has three main features:

  • Migration Assessment

  • Migration Automation

  • Migration Validation

This tool works on Mule applications archive file (zip file), downloaded from MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The key functionality of this tool is listed below:

  • Provides a migration assessment report in a pdf format for the APIs to be migrated. The report includes details about the APIs to be migrated, which includes the API name, the resources in the APIs, backend applications it is connecting to, connectors used, complexity of the APIs, replacement recommended for connectors used in APIs with suitable adapters in SAP integration suite.

  • Provides automation capability by creating iFlows templates in SAP integration suite corresponding to the APIs based on the integration scenario.

  • Provides iFlow templates and scripts for common scenarios.

  • Provides validation and testing of migrated integration artifacts. This is to ensure no business impact of migration to the end user. Calls are made to the API end point from both the platforms and corresponding responses are compared.

  • Accelerates the migration process by 15-20%, reducing the overall timeline for migration.

With this tool we hope to help enterprise customers with their migration journey from MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to SAP Integration Suite. Any suggestions on the tool are welcome.

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