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In our second CodeJam in Lingen, everything revolved around ABAP for SAP HANA with Fiori. As discussed Ingo Bräuninger arrived the evening before the CodeJam in Lingen. After checking in, he hurried to the SAP Stammtisch in a quick step to the Alte Posthalterei, which we organized for the first time that evening. Here the participants could get to know Ingo quite privately and ask questions outside the daily business. Bräuninger was enthusiastic about the selection, because the location offered us 139 different beers.

The next day was completely in the context of ABAP for SAP HANA with Fiori. Almost punctually at 10:00 o'clock the CodeJam opened with a little welcome incl. Opener where the sponsors of the event were highlighted, without which the event could not have taken place. After this was done, the ears of the participants listened to the words of Ingo and the eyes glued to the PowerPoint slides. Where else do you get information from firsthand?

After the session was over, the participants received access data to the SAP HANA systems. Fix after the first login the individual password set and already the first hello world program of the day could be written. After the construction of the first Fiori app began, some more demanding tasks followed. Ingo Ingo always stood by us with help and advice. Fortunately, we had a long weekend and we got the opportunity to work on the systems of SAP for a few more days.



We all hope to see you again at the next SAP CodeJam in Lingen and say until next time!


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