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ABAP RAP (RESTful Application Programming) Model:

ABAP Programming model was ever-changing over the years as Business needs and changes in technologies.

RAP (RESTful Application Programming) model could be a strategic long-run SAP solution for ABAP development.

To understand RAP in a better way let us try understanding ABAP Evaluation and its previous Programming models.

As shown in the above figure we have mainly 3 major milestones in ABAP evaluation.

As we have seen ABAP Programming models depend on the ABAP Platform it is very important for us to have a clear view of different ABAP Versions.

Classic ABAP Programming:

Classic ABAP Programming works from ABAP Platform <= 7.5 .

ABAP Programming Model for SAP FIOIRI:

This model works from ABAP Platform >=7.5.

By using CDS (Core Data Services) based annotations can develop Fiori apps without any UI5 coding or less.

As this model uses HANA DB, it supports Fact sheet apps and Analytical apps.

to support transactional-based apps (Crud operation) we need to use BOPF

When we have ABAP Programming Model for Fiori what makes further interest to evaluate.

In the ABAP Programming model, BOPF frameworks need to perform transactional processing.

SAP wants development to be completed from one editor or one place.

ABAP Rest full Programming model:

The ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) is available in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) ABAP Environment and available in SAP S/4HANA on-premises 1909 edition.

RAP provides an efficient way to build enterprise-ready, SAP HANA-optimized, OData-based Fiori UI services and Web API s. It is the evolutionary successor to the ABAP Programming Model for Fiori.

The greenfield development of OData-based services – i.e., starting from scratch – is supported with the so-called managed implementation type, whereas the brownfield development – i.e., based on existing code – is supported with the so-called unmanaged implementation type.

The 3 Key Players in this model were.

  • ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse.

  • Languages (CDS and ABAP)

  • Power full frameworks.

Developer can do more focus on business logic than technical aspects.

SAP club together all development platforms under one editor and one screen by using Eclipse ADT.

In this model, BOPF is not required to do transactional Processing in Fiori apps.

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