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Issue Description: V3 Job (LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_XX) scheduled in LBWE (Customizing Cockpit ) to update the data from LBWQ (Extraction Queue) To RSA7(Delta Queue) fails with an ABAP Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X as a result data is not getting updated in SAP BW as Delta info package always extracts 0 records.

Here, XX - Corresponds to Application Number i.e. 02 for Purchasing , 03 for Inventory etc.

Cause: Data source related to the Application XX was enhanced recently and the Queues such as  Extraction Queue (LBWQ) and Delta Queue (RSA7) were not cleared before importing the Data source with the new enhanced structure. Now, as the Structure of the Data source has been changed in Data Dictionary (DDIC) but still LBWQ contains data corresponding to Old structure of the data source which no longer exists so the V3 Jobs are failing.

Solution: It is always recommended to clear all the queues related to LBWQ, RSA7 before importing the data source with the enhanced structure.Now , if the same has not been followed then it can result in failure of V3 Jobs with the ABAP Dump 'MESSAGE_TYPE_X' .

The importing thing to understand here is that now all the new postings to be done would corresponds to new Extract structure of the enhanced data source.Therefore, LBWQ would have mixed data corresponding to Old and New Structure therefore V3 Jobs Fails.

Now, to resolve the same SAP has suggested Hash Solution. The Detailed step by step instruction is as follows:

Prerequisite: All the steps are implemented as per the Sap note 834897.

1.Lock your users so as to make sure no postings are done in RSA7.

2.Ensure that there is no longer any data in transaction RSA7.

3.Then set the user parameter MCEX_REPAIR_MODE with the application-specific value.

4. Undo the changes to the extract structure/DataSource and replicate the DataSource to BW. Import the changed Data source to Production system.

5. Then start the report RMBWV3xx (xx = application number) manually in transaction SE38. This report must be executed by the same user for which the user parameter was set.

All data that was generated with the 'old' structure is then updated and set in transaction RSA7.

The program termination occurs again when the first data record is posted with the 'new' structure.

6. Then load the data in transaction RSA7 into BW.

7. Then restore the structure changes. Replicate the DataSource into BW again and then import this changed data source again to Production system.

8. Start the update report again. You should now be able to update all data.

9. Finally, delete the user parameter MCEX_REPAIR_MODE.

Conclusion: Make sure the Extraction Queue(LBWQ) and Delta Queue(RSA7) are cleared and updated to BW before importing the enhanced data source .

Related SAP notes :

Note 834897 - Avoiding inconsistent data with extract structure change

Note 835466 - Using the repair mode of the hash solution

Thanks for reading.

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