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Unlike my previous blogs this will be a mix of technical and conceptual approach or may be considered as a very basic product ideation, no code / complete implementation will be shared . This is purely my  idea or expectation of something to be developed in the near or far future .

Benchmark:  A standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar things must be measured or judged.

As I was viewing some tech comparison videos on a social media platform and I noticed a tool or scoring system they were using to compare the performance of two devices and suddenly I thought of having something similar in BTP as well (As a guy who like to promote SAP BTP what else should I think of 😄 ) .

I have seen the SQL trace tool in the dashboard and I thought of a tool to evaluate the entire performance of the ABAP system giving out score points which lets the key users (developers , admins and end users ) to know the capability of the system to handle different process real time and also be able to compare the same with previous data rather than asking the admin to check the system health or other parameters from the dashboard.


AIM: Develop a program and simple front end tool , To generate a benchmark score to generally analyze the performance of the system enabling the user to trigger the process as well as allowing the user to meaningfully compare the previous data .


Solution Approach:  Perform all the tasks which could be performed using an ABAP class up to an N number of times in N number of combinations and record the same details to a DB table which is designed to keep all the records. Fiori tile to view the data and analysis.


My Approach (Version 0/ Dead Code):  The very basic Idea implementation / concept approach.

Named the scoring system, very basic part of each product ideation 😛 (off course I named it V-score 😄 )

Main Objects:

  1. Table 1: Table to Record the Test Transactions Created, Updated, Deleted During the Benchmarking Process.

  2. Table 2 H: Header Table for Benchmark Log.

  3. Table 3 I: Item Table for Benchmark Log.

  4. Class 1: Main Class for Benchmarking Process

Table 2 and 3 will be used to create the data which will be precented to user via Fiori tile.

This tool Calculate the score to:

  • Create a certain set of data

  • Calculations performed on certain set of data

  • Inserting data to DB table

  • Reading data from DB table

  • Data Declarations

  • Class-> Method calls

  • Function calls

  • Total Score / Overall Performance

After each of the activities, the Start time , end time , score will be updated to the respective table and at the end the total score will be calculated and updated to the table .


Disadvantages:  In the current version (Version 0 / Dead Code ) I have only covered the basic concepts which came up in my mind .

There is no stable code base built yet.

No fail proof concept is developed including the supporting documents and diagrams.

Not yet tested, no test cases are defined.

No Idea or plan to integrate or evaluate the calls of ODATA / external API calls.

No proper Scoring algorithm is used (yet to be developed and reviewed)

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