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Hi All,

Would like to share an issue which I recently came across while scheduling Analysis office workbook from Business Objects .

Scheduling was working fine when initially set and had worked for months but then it suddenly starting failing with errors and sometimes it was successful but without emails and sometimes users receive emails , It was showed strange behavior everyday . Below is the detail of the issue and its resolution , I hope it would be helpful to some.

Issue :

CreateProcess error = 87, The parameter is incorrect.

Environment :

BI 4.1 , BI 4.0 ,

Reproducing Issue :

Create an AAO workbook and export it to Enterprise.

Schedule Workbook to email destinations from CMC and set the recurrence for the workbook .

Include some user emails and some Dl's (Distribution list ) addresses .

Observations :

1) Sometimes Schedule will be successful in the instance manager but no attachment or email is sent to the user .

2) Some users will receive emails with attachment but some will not get emails.

3) It will fail with only error "CreateProcess error = 87, The parameter is incorrect " .

4) No history option is available to check instances , error can only be checked through Instance manager .

5) New Recurrence needs to be set every time and no option to modify the current recurrence like we do on Webintelligence report .

Resolution :

Issue is due to the modifications in some of the email id's or in the Dl's(distribution lists) .

For Example : or has been changed to and

Also, refer below SAP notes on the similar kind of issue :

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