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Were you ever interested in monitoring the internet connection of your server? Then you might take a look at the UI5 Speedtest Tool which regularly checks your network connection and allows you to review the results via a UI5 web interface.

The UI5 Speedtest Tool

Basically the tool creates a cron job and measures your internet bandwidth with the open source program speedtest-cli.

The UI5 Speedtest provides the following features:


Choose one of the worldwide speedtest servers to use and pick an execution interval to define how often you want to check your connection. The list is sorted by estimated distance / best server to use so it is a good idea to simply pick the first entry.

Ping / Down- and Upload measurement results

To review the collected performance results tap on correspondent tiles. The number indicator on a tile shows you the result of the last check.

Simply enter a date range to analyze (default is the last month) and the tool provides you with a measurement statistic. It calculates your average bandwidth and how many speedtest requests were not successful.

For detailed information expand the table below. The colors of the table rows indicate the following:

  • Green: > 7% better than average

  • Yellow: > 7% worse than average

  • Red: > 15% worse than average

  • Grey: Within the ±7% average range

You can export the collected data as .csv file by pressing the download button above the table.


Below the table you find a line graph (realized with D3.js) visualizing the measurements over time.


Demo and how to install

If you want to check out the tool in action you can play around with a demo installation here:

Download the source code by pressing the "Download and Install"-Tile in the demo. You will find more information on how to install the tool there.

Or clone the project from GitHub:

Basically you need Linux as operating system with Apache & PHP installed. It also works on a Raspberry Pi!

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