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This is just a proof of concept developed for one of the clients and there is a lot of room for the improvement.

The idea is to access to the UWL via a tablet /smart phone.

The traditional SAP standard UWL.

Following describes the makeover look of universal worklist for mobiles.

Application flow: Users will access the UWL component via an index page (mobile.html). This page is a simple HTML5/JQM page, allows users to store the user name and password using the html5 local storage object and then redirects the user the UWL component.

The Index Page (mobile.html) has to be placed in the following area for anonymous access.


Screenshot of the application:


    MobileHome.html page        Available Menu Options                 Tasks from the SAP system   

Once the user selects the approve/reject the application will be redirected to a custom ABAP application (mobile enabling is still in process for this abab application ) which will then take care of the approval an reject functionalities. after approve /reject by clicking on the refresh the task will be removed from the uwl. This component has been tested for the SRM shopping cart approvals as well.

for the benefit of the SCN community this component is now available in

This component can be used either as a standalone application or can be integrated with the Netweaver 7.3 portal on device mobile layout.

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