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1. Create a Webdynpro component


2. Go to main view and create a node of cardinality 0...n with following attributes in context.






3. Next go to layout and insert a business graphics UI element.


   After insertion



4.  Go to the properties of the UI element (B_GRAPH) and bind the 'Series Source' with node 'NODE'.


5. Then right click on the UI element and select 'Insert Category'.



In the properties of category, Bind the description with the 'Year' in the node



6. Again right click on the UI element and select 'Insert Series'



Give ID ( Series1 ) and TYPE ( Simple Series ) as shown below.



Similarly create two more series with ID 'Series2' and 'Series3' of type 'Simple Series'


Go to the properties of Series1 then bind the value with O_QTY and Label as 'Ordered Quantity'


    Similarly bind value of Series2 with B_QTY and value of Series3 with D_QTY. Give label for Series2 as 'Billed Quantity' and for Series 3 as 'Delivered Quantity'.

7.  Write the below code in WDDOINIT






8. Create an application and activate the application. The output of the application is as shown below.



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