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Teched was literally awe-inspiring, life changing experience for me.
SAP offered me a once-in-a-lifetime chance and i tried to do my best for broaden my horizon.
I had a plans about write a blog post every day after the event with fresh experiences but it was beyond the bounds of possibility. Sessions, hands on workshops, code jams, best practices and meet up’s was really intense and the end of the day i went to hotel dead tired.
My agenda was quite full and i had so much overlapping sessions and even no chance to had a lunch. However there is no complaint, utterly exhausted but deeply satisfied!

I’d like to share the impressive and unforgettable experiences day by day and here is the first day experiences;


As announced, it was the opportunity of a lifetime attending Björn Goerke's keynote.
Alyssa Carson message about ‘following dreams and don’t let anyone take it from you’ was so breathtaking. As a position that i am currently in was perfectly matching with Alyssa message and super impressed.

Keynote Technical dept was just right. Presentations was so unique for understandable for consultants for business users and even for me who has never experienced about cloud. 

SAP open Platform demo was eye-popping! My out of the box integrations, open integrations, and holistic integration questions found an answers. Connectors was also mind opener for understand API connections and Integration Content Advisor service which brings power of machine learning to automate data structure mappings between systems so simply. Especially have a closer look to IOT side and understanding robotic process automation is super informative for understand forthcoming.

Master Data Management in the cloud was also critical info for me. Previously i had MDG project experience and understanding Master Data Management with MDM services and MDM Applications in public cloud was decisively informative.

Open Programming model with domain focus topic was also critical topic for me.
CDS and Platform relation and no lock to spesific language , full stack development from persistence to UI and  understanding Cloud native services integration was really super informative.

Sindhu Gangadharan’s Intelligent Suite Demo was another astonishing part of keynote.

And about keynote the critical side was understanding SAP Analytics Cloud. Aligned plan, discover, predict and collaborate in one place slides was impressive. These slides also so informative for business side about don’t have to be data scientist to find information at all.

There was also impressive topic related cloud platform cocpit, how easy it is consume serves on the SAP Platform and expose it as a Fiori APP and development environment is Abap in Eclipse. 

Overall understanding cloud platform functions, cockpit, dashboard collaboration, runtime services and repository was impressive.

Achieved a state of enlightenment by attending keynote.
Thank you

The sessions: 

Integrating SAP Analytics Cloud in SAP Applications - Viktor Kehayov
It was super overall session for understand intelligent applications for every line of business.  It was helpful session seeing overall map and understanding sap current and future strategy. Understanding 360 analytics for different LOB’s like Sales, HR , Finance was so important critical for me. Embedded intelligence side was also super informative about understanding current services, tools and products enabled by SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud Roadmap - Abbasin Sidiq
I really have a huge passion about SAP Analytics but i already mentioned i have never find a chance to work on cloud.I am expert on premise but understanding analytics position current and future position was super informative session for me.

Develop an Extension to SAP S/4Hana Cloud in 30 min - Marika Marszalkowski
This session was the first time that i discovered code jam area. As overlapping dues i was 5 minutes late and attend session as outsider. After session my mind was crystal clear about how Cloud SDK makes easy for developing extensions to SAP S/4 Hana Cloud and on premise.

Application Design with SAP Analytics Cloud - Jie Deng
It was super informative session for me too about understanding design cabability in SAP Analytics Cloud.Jie Deng made my mind so clear about SAAS Platform and it’s layers like application, core capabilities and PAAS. Also super informative session about understanding recent innovations on Application Design with Cloud.She is also so good presenter, her presentation skills was perfect and so pretty. Impressed and hope one day i have a skills like her 🙂

BI And WEB Intelligence: SDKs For SAP Business Objects Solutions - Christian Ahsoon & Sylvain Riboud
This session was overlapping one and missed  first half hour but no matter what happens i found my way and i was there.SDKs also closed box for me. Especially relationship with BI and WEBI was misery for me.With this session i understood the advantages of integrating BI solutions through SDKs for organizations. Restful services integrated with embedded content though open doc and also deploying custom elements was really precious informations for me.

SAP Analysis For Office: Road Map - Jeanne Bigonnet
In my previous company i had a chance to work in analysis for office.
Discovering what’s coming in next releases and upcoming features made this road map session important and so precious. 


And i’d like to mention some special courage givers at the end of the first day post.
I came Barcelona without knowing anyone. There were literally no one.
First day at the airport, I had a chance to meet with 1bf660afcf81417ca60d42962287a506 🙂
He is Turkish mentor that i had never meet before. Normally, i am super shy about contacting with someone. But thought nothing worse than regret and never let fear hold me back. He was super cool and helpful person. Guided me during the event and helped me about meeting other mentors. His help has been invaluable to me, and I don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. I am so lucky that i had a chance to meet like mentor who did real mentorship for me. 

And I’d like to thank  kim.mecca 🙂
Kim was my wonder woman during the event. As a camera shy person she helped me a lot for scholarship interviews. Motivated, supported, encouraged. She literally did whatever i need for feel me more comfortable. Again, again and again thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your support and kindness.

And last but not least thank you goes to another hero craig.cmehil 🙂
Thank you so much for the quick meeting before my interview.  I appreciate the extra time he spent  while we were so busy. Before meeting with him i was feeling so uncomfortable and shy.  Greatly appreciate the assistance he provided me. Thank you for inspiration!

Next day posts and also #sitbcn (YES! I was there) post coming soon!
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