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The phrase is a cliché, it's true. But it is a good cliché. Some time ago, while surfing at TED (a site that I recommend you to follow, by the way), I found a very good video by David McCandless: The Beauty of Data visualization - See the video below:

It is true that the video is not about BI, and then you can ask me: why put this matter in a blog dedicated exclusively to BI related topics?

I´d answer it easily: worse than not having the information we need, is to have it and not been able to use it properly. That's right, in a world (corporate or otherwise) with ever more data, sources of information and pressure for time and efficiency, is crucial to learn to apply the best possible view on the available data, thus enabling a broader analysis, more comprehensive and swift of the data.

Say goodbye to the endless printed lists of the past - which besides inefficient are also an environmental criminal - and join David McCandless and myself professing the beauty of data visualization.


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