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Do you have any idea where the bottlenecks and inefficiencies are in your SAP development, change and delivery processes?

Do you know where hidden factories are and where waste is being generated?

Do you have a clear idea on the cost of change and rework?

The answer to the above questions is probably ‘no’ in most cases.  Even if you feel you can answer yes, can you actually demonstrate it?

DevAnalytics - the newly-launched addition to Basis Technologies’ DevOps Toolset - provides the evidence and insight that can answer these questions.

There's currently a huge upsurge in business and digital transformation projects along with the adoption of methodologies like Agile and DevOps.  These projects cost a huge amount of money so it’s vitally important to have tools available that enable you to assess and measure performance.

That means when it comes to removing waste from a development process and becoming Agile, you need some kind of tool that can provide an understanding of where the waste actually exists.  DevAnalytics can help with that, and plenty more besides.

Through a comprehensive set of metrics that are delivered out-of-the-box, DevAnalytics illuminates waste, inefficiency and bottlenecks, which ultimately helps organizations and partners to reduce their costs.

  • It pinpoints bottlenecks and hidden factories; quickly sorting through the massive volumes of change data associated with managing SAP systems
  • It enables organizations to benchmark teams and suppliers against internal and external benchmarks
  • End organisations can use these metrics to set performance targets for their suppliers
  • SI’s can use these metrics to differentiate themselves against their competitors

The metrics and KPIs that are generated by DevAnalytics create a level of visibility that simply is not currently possible.  That insight enables accurate decision making which in turn drives down cost and reduces risk, whilst quality and satisfaction increase.
The metrics fall into five key areas:

  • Velocity: Analyze the functionality that is being delivered by reviewing the number of transports and changes being deployed into every SAP system
  • Cycle Times: Investigate how long it takes to get requirements into the hands of the business so you can see how efficient your development and testing teams are.  The is crucial where Time to Market is imperative
  • Rework & Waste: Understanding the amount of rework and waste in the process is a great barometer of quality and hidden cost
  • Work in Progress: The amount of work in progress gives insight into the current on-going cost of development and testing activity along with a view a what’s been spent with no actual value to the business
  • Approval Times: Approvals wait times can kill any process. Understand where approvals are being delayed so these bottlenecks can be targeted

DevAnalytics builds on our current offerings in the SAP change & release, Agile and DevOps areas to provide the KPIs that are essential in order to continuously assess and improve performance.

To learn more about how DevAnalytics could help your organization, take a look here or download the feature sheet here.

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