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I am sure by now people have noticed, that SAP has released SAP Lumira Designer 2.0 and SAP Lumira Discovery 2.0 - latest at SAP TechED you will hear about it.


  • Did you notice the SAP Lumira Designer provides you with the capabilities to work with multiple people on a single application and "check in" and "check out" application from the server ?

  • Did you notice that SAP Lumira Designer doesn't have what I would call a "backwards" compatibility - meaning if you saved your dashboard with Lumira Designer 2.0 SP02, someone with SAP Lumira Designer 2.0 SP01 can not open the dashboard.

  • Are you looking for an option to document the complete details of your dashboard ?


These where some of the issues faced by our customers, which did lead to a new product : Visual BI Document Management for SAP Lumira.


The Document Management product is a small service that integrates with your SAP BusinessObjects Platform and it allows your administrator to setup a recurring schedule to pick up any changes on your SAP Lumira Designer assets (Lumira Discovery planned).



As soon as the link to your SAP BusinessObjects BI platform has been established, you have access to the following functionality:


  • Automated Versioning : Each time a change is made in the dashboards, the product will create a new version of the dashboard and keep track of the changes.

  • Documentation : You can now select the dashboard and generated a detailed documentation that includes the detailed properties as well as scripting code.

  • Version Comparison: You also have the option to compare versions of a dashboard and the product will then highlight the changed, removed, added elements.

  • Recovery: You can also download a specific version of a dashboard and - in case needed - recovery your dashboard based on that specific version.


So not only does the product seamlessly integrate into your development process without impacting it, but it also provides you with the capabilities to track any changes in your dashboards, compare versions of your dashboard, restore a specific version back to your server when needed, and document your dashboards.


We are currently working with a set of selected customers as part of our customer beta cycle, so in case you are interested - feel free to reach out to me.

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