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Full disclaimer - much of this information reported below has not been verified and collected manually.  Still, I liked the Esri maps from Lumira and found some interesting things along the way.

Over 2K people attended SAP Inside Tracks last year.  It started with Inside Track Rome, and ended on December 12th in Walldorf.

Which Inside Track 2015 had the most attendees?

See below:

This was one of Lumira's suggested visualizations. SAP Inside Track Hyderabad had the most attendees in 2015, followed closely by SAP Inside Track Tokyo.

This is an Esri map of the cities where SAP Inside Tracks were held in 2015.  Note I had to change the city name for Walldorf to Heidelberg as the map software didn't recognize Walldorf.

The is a map highlighting the number of attendees by city/country.  India, Brazil, Tokyo are in darker colors as they had high attendance.

Top 5 attendees by country.  India is the highest, and Germany, with 4 Inside Tracks this year, is #4.

Brazil is impressive with over 500 attendees.

It is no surprise that the APJ had the highest number of attendees out of all the regions.

Latin America is second.

North America is the lowest, in my view, because there are several active local ASUG Chapter meetings held in North America.

Here is what I find interesting with Lumira/ESRI.  My data only had city/country (not state).  When I created the geographic hierarchy, Lumira infers the state as the geographic region.

So Latium is the region where Rome is.  Looks like Japan doesn't have geographic regions.

Sul is the South Region of Brazil, where Joinville is.

Hyderabad is one of the capitals of Andhra Pradesh

Maybe next I will try to blend the 2014 Inside Track data with this.


SAP Inside Track - SAP Inside Track - SCN Wiki

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