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This year I tried SAP Application Design and SAP Analytics Cloud to review the ASUG BITI webcast statistics.  A big thanks to our speakers such as jocelyn.dart dj.adams and carine.tchoutouodjomo

Using SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Discovery, above shows the trend and the prediction. Help steer the direction of the statistics by registering for BITI: Custom code adaptation for SAP S/4HANA​ this week.

Last year over 1600 registered for the BITI webcasts

Above shows the registration by day. Right now ASUG only has webcasts on Tuesday-Thursday and Smart Insights shows Wednesday is top contributor, 54% above average contributed by Workflow topic.

Wednesday Workflow webcasts appear to be a great combination

More insights

More insights that Wednesday Workflow webcasts are top contributors to BITI numbers

Smart Insights also highlights the great Jocelyn Dart's webcast, the SAPPHIRENOW preview session.

Attendance ratio is shown above.

Search to insight is shown above


The top watched webcast was an ABAP webcast

With Smart Insights, is there more to add? We are missing webcasts in the areas of Archiving, Testing and Integration

Thanks to our SAP point of contact, peter.mcnulty  for the success of the Workflow webcasts

Top 10 registered webcasts are shown above, including ABAP. Thanks to DJ Adams for the 3rd top registered webcast and Jocelyn Dart at #4.

Top watched webcasts are shown above.

Above video shows the statistics using SAP Application Design

What do you think? Don't forget to register for the upcoming webcasts Save the Date! Your Guide to Upcoming Developer Webcasts - #ABAP #DevOps and More - We're Listening
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