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Last year the ASUG BI Community had 67 webcasts with over 17K registrants. While the number of webcasts is lower than 2017, the number of registrants is up by 5K.

So I wanted to analyze the numbers using SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Discovery:

Smart Discovery

One webcast had 53 registered while our top webcast had 1,130 registered.

The distribution is shown above; it looks like many webcasts fall in the 100-200 registered range.

You can see above we had some webcast peaks in July (planning webcasts) November and December. Interesting too that it forecasts January 2019 registration

Smart Discovery shows the association between watched and registered and if you hover it will show the tooltip too

Tuesday is a popular day for webcasts, with Thursday second, and last Wednesday

Key influencers are shown above, very high quality (which is unusual)

The text associated with the key influencers

One of our dashboarding webcasts shows up as unexpected

I also ran Smart Discovery on the watched webcasts measure:

To apply what I learned at SAP TechEd I also used the beta version of SAP Application Design:

App Design provided a different view from Smart Discovery as I could select different measures/groups.

Please join us in 2019 for these upcoming webcasts - Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts


What would you like to see in 2019?
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