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SAP Mentor Community Award Winners

Last week the SAP Community Awards were announced.  The following includes SAP Mentors (and Mentor Alumni) who received awards.

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award & Citizenship Award
Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award
Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award & Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award & Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award & Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award

Citizenship Award

Appreciation Award & Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award

Citizenship Award


Special honors to jelena.perfiljeva2 for winning both appreciation and citizenship awards.


Some other moments from last week are as follows

I wrote Yes, Lumira is GA ASUG Webcast recap – after a beta and early adopter program, the product is now GA.  This week, Joyce Butler will moderate SAP Lumira 2.0 for Business Users webcast.

I also recapped A @SAPCommunity Call: Idea Place Product Session Migration Webcast Recap – Hosted by @SAPMentors  - I recommend listening to the recording to understand what is happening to Idea Place.

New SAP Mentor lars.breddemann writes who to follow and what to read in HANA backtrace 36/2017jitendrakumar.kansal continues sharing his knowledge in Uploading Hybrid app offline store files to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services for further analysis and Understanding difference between productive vs Preview edition of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service ...


Colleen Hebbert wrote I’ve got a community and you’re awesome.  She also writes
For me our community has meant that:

  • I became a SAP Mentor and have expanded my knowledge through this network of truly inspiring people;

  • I am recognised as a product expert and receive frequent work and business opportunities;

  • I work with other experts who I met via the community (we met through the community living on opposite sides of the world and today we were sitting face to face in the office);

  • I passed my certification through testing my knowledge by answering community questions;

  • I have been beneficiary of the kindness and compassion of this community during the lowest part of my life and they helped me bounce back;

  • I can resolve work issues faster by searching the community for the answer;

  • I have access to a variety of information and the only cost is my time to consume the content;

  • I have a place in Coffee Corner to channel my procrastination efforts into;

  • I interact with people from all different walks of life who I may never have crossed paths with – many who I now consider friends and part of my global family;

  • I am valued and appreciated as a member of this community; and finally

  • I am a goat herder of the community goat.


I wrote SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics – Overview and Positioning Meet the Expert Webcast Recap and S/4HANA Embedded Analytics Architecture Meet the Experts Webinar Recap  - note that the Meet the Experts sessions have now moved to the SAP Learning Hub at


petr.solberg discusses What does SAP HANA have in common with an old car ? The analogies Andy shares are great; and apparently the community agrees with 8 likes.


moya.watson shares 7 Sample SAP TechEd Agendas for the SAP Cloud Platform.  SAP TechEd Las Vegas is 2 weeks away….


bfeeb8ed7fa64a7d95efc21f74a8c135, prolific author, writes ABAP Unit Fact or Fiction?  Join Paul at his SAP Community session and networking session at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.  Paul also presented at SAUG Summit, whose hashtag generated over 1K tweets last week.

Jon Reed talked with Sue Keohan and me about How do we design a better enterprise event? Two customers weigh in – hopefully event producers are listening.  The interview happened all through twitter direct messages.

Vitaliy provides an Update on SAP Developers Center presented at SAP Inside Track Berlin 2017.  Oliver Kohl provides SAP Inside Track Berlin recap.  Oliver and team streamed their sessions, so you can watch the inside track sessions from your desk.

On Saturday, Katarina Fischer of the SAP Mentor program team attended SAP Inside Track Bern, which generated over 400 tweets last week:

Top tweeters are shown above on the #sitBERN tag

I take it Bern is in the Berlin time zone.  The SAP Inside Track account is out of the London time zone.



Coming this week:

alan.rickayzen SAP Mentor Alumnus, gives a webcast on A Whirlwind Tour of Workflow in S/4 HANA Cloud & On-premise (Session 1) - see you there?
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