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Disclaimer: Views I express here are not necessarily those of Hydro Tasmania.

SAP Fiori Makers Call – July 19th July 26th

Updated Date of call - Apologies for the late notice!

A little while back, Hydro Tasmania, decided that the various SAP Time Entry solutions out there did not really fit with the way Employees and Contractors actually do Timesheeting at Hydro Tasmania. e.g. Aspects like accurate data entry, no visibility of remaining Purchase Order amounts, bulk entry of common time, and generally providing a professional experience for Contractors. Because of this, Hydro Tasmania embarked on a small project to create a custom Fiori Timesheeting solution called My Timesheet.

As the contracted designer and front-end developer for this, I was pretty proud of the end product that addressed the user’s needs, but you can always learn and do things better, hence in just over a week, Hydro Tasmania’s My Timesheet will feature in the July SAP Fiori Makers call happening on the 26th of July with myself and Kai Richter, Chief Designer for the SAP Fiori Design language. After I give an introduction and demonstration of My Timesheet, Kai will present the showcase from an SAP Fiori Guidelines perspective – including do’s and don’ts and alternative design approaches, e. g. when using the latest SAP Fiori concepts.

Please join us on July 19 26, 2018 by checking out the SAP Fiori Makers website for registration, more information and regular invitations to the upcoming calls.

My Timesheet – A Preview

Why build something when there are so many variants of time entry both from SAP and their partners? Well I believe the key reason that generic Timesheeting solutions always miss the mark for customers is that since products need to cater for all companies’ requirements, this leads to compromised design decisions, leading to an imperfect User Experience. For example, a consulting company employee will enter time very differently to a non-consulting company employee.

So with an understanding of Hydro Tasmania's specifics, the challenge was to build a mobile friendly, intuitive solution based around weekly timesheets that worked one way for Employees, and a similar but different way for Contractors.

In the SAP Fiori Makers call, I’ll get into more detail about how we went about this, the design choices, etc; but for now, I’ll leave you with the following images as a teaser for what is to come.

Initial Prototype for an Employee

The Employee View with 37.5 Hour Week


The Contractor View (It’s all about the Purchase Order)

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