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Looking for automation options with respects to HANA threads?

Below is a deeper insight of how to read the Threads tab in out HANA DB which gives us with ample information.

CONNECTION_ID is the column name for Connections : Table Name : M_CONNECTIONS

TRANSACTION_ID is the column name for Transactions: Table_NAME: M_CONNECTIONS / M_TRANSACTIONS

THREAD_TYPE is the column name for Thread Type: Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

THREAD_ID is the column name for ThreadID ;Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

THREAD_METHOD is the column name for ThreadMethod; Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

THRAD_DETAIL is the column name for Thread Detail; Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

THREAD_STATE is the column name for Thread Status; Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

CALLER is the column name for Caller; Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

CALLING is the column name for Calling; Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS

DURATION is the column name for Duration(ms); Table Name: M_SERVICE_THREADS


Now that we know the column name involved, how can we find the associated table ?

Other associated tables for these columns can be found by querying M_CS_COLUMNS: ie, other tables from which the above data can be read are = GLOBAL_OUT_OF_MEMORY_EVENTS_BASE,HOST_LONG_IDLE_CURSOR_BASE etc

Eg: select * from M_CS_COLUMNS where COLUMN_NAME='STATEMENT_ID';


Hope it was helpful!!

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