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Crusher: So much for the Enterprise E.

Picard: We barely knew her.

Crusher: You think they'll build another one?

Picard: Plenty of letters left in the alphabet.

-- Star Trek: First Contact

I wanted to get one more blog in before the current Jive oriented SCN platform is retired.  I had planned on it being a VDS related blog on how to virtualize some IDM related data as I had previously promised from Transforming SAP IDM Data. However, when I went to Load VDS, I was presented with an error message that simply said: "Windows error 2 occurred while loading the Java VM" Not very helpful.  After some searching however, I was able to find some answers... to a point.

It seems this error is present when updating to the most recent versions of Oracle Java.  I have no idea if this occurs when using SAP Java, but should you receive a similar message, I assume the troubleshooting steps would be the same.

Basically, you need to know two important things...

  • Where is Java installed?
  • Where is VDS installed?

After that, it's fairly straightforward. You can check for where Java is installed through Control Panel / Java (again, stressing Oracle Java at this point) You can then go in to the Java tab and take a look at what you find.  Copy this value, it's a good place to start.

Now, locate where VDS is installed, usually, this will be something along the lines of \usr\sap\IDM\Virtual Directory Server.  You'll then be looking for the file Virtual Directory Server.lax (lax files associated with Java applications, and if you are so inclined you can learn a small bit more by reading --  LAX File Extension - Open .LAX File (AnetHelpTool JavaHelp viewer file).

The file can easily be opened in your favorite text editor, but as always, make sure you make a backup first! :smile: Locate the LAX.ML.CURRENT.VM line.  It may be blank as you see here or populated with some other value.

Compare this value with what you found from the Java Control Panel.  Update the file with this value. As Java will be processing the file make sure that you are double backslashing the path (e.g. F:\\usr\\sap\\idm\\virtual directory server)

Now I mentioned earlier that this was all helpful to a point.  Here's the point... My Java Control Panel pointed to the 64 bit Java and when I pasted in the URL and made my adjustments VDS still would not load. It did work fine however when I pointed to the 32 bit version of Java.

So there you go.  If your environment has a late version of Java and VDS throws the Windows Error 2, this is how you fix it.

By the time the community has migrated to the 1DX platform and I can post new IDM blogs, I'll post the blog I originally wanted to write. :smile:

See everyone in the new SCN!

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