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Learning Maps is the  functionality in SAP Solution manager which can be useful for end users training in a structured way and it will act as repository in the system which can be used at any point of time. In this document, I had demonstrate the very basic functionality of Learning maps and how to troubleshoot them. You can generate the learning maps for end users in structured table contents which represents as self learning units.


It will work basically on project or solution at back-end. You need to create the repository or content in solar02-> Training material or in solman_diretory.

Upload all your content there.

Once you had finished all your content upload, assign the end user roles if required in end users role tab


Go to transaction solar_learning_map

Create the learning map and give the project/solution name where you have created your repository .

You can give the logo of your company or the hyper links in header file to make it more customizable as per your company requirement

Further you can add more number of chapter and units present in th chapter. You can assign the documents to each node also separately with end user roles.

Click on open in browser to view how it will looks to end users when you will send this learning maps

Further in recent updates you can see what are the recent documents or changes you had made in summarized manner. You can send it to end users as well when you click send to users

Create an email button will open the email client and text will be copied into your clipboard with the link of learning map. Once you paste that you need to adjust as per your needs.

If you have enabled the feedback, end users can give the feedback to the content you have published with the ratings.

Also you can analyse the feedback and rating you have received in analyse button which will further improve you for creating the better learning material for end user. Along with that it will tell you number of hits for that particular node.


You may need to activate the BSP services if your send to user button is not displayed or open in browser display without documents.

SICF → execute → default host → sap → public → bc → bsp → right mouse klick → Activate Service


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