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Dear community, a few days ago I received a message about the blog 8 Programming Design Principles for App Building" on Twitter. The blog made by SAP Press is an adaptation from a section of the book "SAP Lumira, Designer Edition: The Comprehensive Guide". Although I have no experience with SAP Lumira so far, as an ABAP developer, I like the recommendations of the blog and I like to share them with you 🙂

Here is the list of the design principles for a first impression:

  1. Don’t make users think

  2. Don’t make users wait

  3. Manage user focus

  4. Emphasize features

  5. Keep it simple

  6. Use conventions

  7. Get the most out of screen room

  8. Utilize international business communication standards

Please check the original blog for the description of the principles. It's really worth it.

Some design principles made me rethink my own work as a developer. The power of these simple statements lies in the fact that everyone connects other thoughts and experiences with them. So I like these principles because they are overarching and not specific to a programming language.

For example, presenting the right data in an ALV is always a challenge for me (see my last blog). When I read "Don’t make users wait", I thought of this blog. Because if you have to wait, you should visualize it 😉 "Keep it simple" is one of my favorites. Sounds simple and is incredibly difficult to respect. Enough said, enjoy reading.


Best regards and please stay healthy



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