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I have just return for Orlando, having attended the now annual SAP shindig helping to inform the SAP community about all things SAP.

All things SAP is a whole lot bigger these days than it was 10 years ago when we talked about enterprise apps and a bit of analytics.

When you entered this years conference you were given 5 different areas to look at (if we ignore the SAP partner booths) :

  • Industry - This is where the apps were
  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Database and Technology
  • Analytics

Also HANA was everywhere with ellipses that promised SAP HANA and Business Suite on HANA, and every industry, mobile, cloud and analytics pod had a HANA component (or so it seemed to me).

So the event was pretty much HANA washed, but under this HANA wash the conference had something for most attendees with perhaps Mobility getting the least attention from my perspective (perhaps it will get prime time in Las Vegas TechEd when the 3.0 platform is ready).

The top announcements from me were :-

  • Fiori
    • New apps for managers, employees, buyers and sales that work on top of business suite and run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices using HTML5 (SAP UI5). These are a must for anyone who wants to change the perception of SAP for uses who currently have to use SAPGUI  More…
  • Lumira Desktop and Lumira Cloud
    • New Self Service BI suite that has an on-premise (was Visual Intelligence) and HANA Cloud components – the replacement to BI-On Demand and a lighter weight offering than Business Objects BI Platform for LoB BI. BOE 4.1 was also released. You can try it hereMore…
  • HANA One Premium
    • Like HANA One, this runs on Amazon Web Services cloud but you get support from SAP and you can load data from your Business Suite Systems (e.g ERP and BW) using SAP HANA Cloud Integration. So ideal for companies who see a use-case for SAP HANA but don’t want to implement any hardware. More…
  • HANA Enterprise Cloud
    • The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud might have a similar name to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, but is a totally new offering from SAP that will allow you to run your Business Suite hosted on the SAP HANA (managed) Cloud.  For customers that were considering a move to SAP HANA, that want to avoid the cost (and hassle) of provisioning hardware, this could be a very good option. More…
  • HANA Cloud Platform - SAP Mobile Platform - Cloud Edition
    • For those considering taking SAP (and non-SAP) systems mobile the HANA Cloud Platform – SAP Mobile Platform - Cloud Edition offers a quick way to implement Mobile Solutions - with no on-premise hardware or software. Currently you can use it to host the SAP productivity apps from the SAP Store, but full development will be possible soon. More…
  • HANA Cloud Integration
    • For customers that have decided upon a cloud strategy for HANA but are leaving their Business Suite on-premise, the HANA Cloud Integration product offers SAP Data Services for moving data from on-premise to the cloud. With an agent on premise and the config done on the cloud. Now available as part of HANA One Premium. More…
  • Operational Process Intelligence Powered by HANA
    • How many SAP customers would like to understand in real-time how the big processes in their organisations were operating ? Is Order to Cash generating the cash ? Is procure to pay, paying ? Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA, offers a solution to this problem, even when your processes runs over SAP and non-SAP systems. The system allows you to model millions of technical events (e.g Sales Order Created), correlating and filtering to give a business level view of the process in real-time using the power of HANA. You can try it here. More…
  • Ariba Network
    • Ariba got a keynote pitch and used this to further stress the Rapid Deployment Solutions for getting Business Suite linked to the Ariba Network and to re-announce the AribaPay product plus the HANAification of all the data in the network. More…

So these are my 8 product takeaways from SAPHHIRE 2013 - it was a massive event, what did I miss ?

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