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How to Install Transport System



The Trial Versions are installed without active transport System.

So User has to call transaction STMS and to configure the transport system by his own.

You have to click on Icon “Transport Routes”

Then go in Edit-Mode.

At the beginning the bottom block is empty and the block above contains to Rectangles (NPL, CL5). (Not on the picture any more)


So You mark rectangle NPL and put it into the bottom block.

Then do You the same with rectangle  CL5. So they are in the bottom block like in the picture above (without lines).

Then go into “Menu: Edit/”Transport Layer”/Create” and create a new transport layer (e.g. ZNSP).

Go into “Menu: Edit/”Transport Route”/”Add Transport Route”” . The Mouse pointer changes into a pencil.

Click with the pencil on block NPL and don’t finish clicking, till You have made a line to block CL5.

A Popup appears, which let You choose, which transport layer shall be active between these both systems:

Take the transport layer, You have created before (e.g. ZNSP).

If You want, You can make the same with transport layer SAP, though You shall not use it for Your own developments.

If You save changes, or want to exit Edit-Mode You will be asked, if data shall be saved:

And if data shall be activated and distributed.

You can say Yes at that moment, or make it manually later.


If You have choosen the transport layer, Your transport graphic will look like:

Now double click on system NPL You will get an popup:


Go to register “Standard Transport Layer” and fill in Your created transport layer. This will be used, if You create standard transports.


Save and acitvate the changes.


If You want, You can test it with a transport export:


e.g. example for an exported transport

You will find the transport in the directories:

/usr/sap/trans/cofiles & /usr/sap/trans/data

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