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Tech Republic, always providing valuable business data, recently released the results of a survey which indicates that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) adoption is, at this point, “unavoidable”. 62% of companies surveyed said that they were preparing to adopt BYOD practices.

The motivation behind the switch isn’t difficult to understand: it’s becoming more and more impractical to ignore personal devices and more and more practical to use them to your advantage. Utilizing BYOD policies are not terribly difficult to configure but result in tremendous, measurable benefits.

There’s been a fair amount of criticism of BYOD, and many businesses are still afraid of adopting BYOD policies they aren’t 100% certain about. According to the article by ZDNet, the most common reason for not allowing BYOD at the office is security. What is ironic about this, however, is that if the company uses MDM (mobile device management) software such as Afaria, any personal device can be made exactly as secure as any business device at the office. Even the largest companies which employ thousands of people (and would therefore see thousands of different devices in the office for business use) can benefit from solid MDM.

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