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The vision for the company of tomorrow is one in which a multitude of mature technologies -both new and established- come together to enable new efficiency and new growth.

I would like to give you the top 6 digital tech trends to look for in 2020, including various studies and research for your business.

I will also show you the current possibilities of these trends using SAP software and technology in upcoming blog posts as part of this series:

1. Ambient Experience

I show you examples and use cases for Ambient Experience with SAP Cloud Platform:

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

SAP Conversational AI


SAP Fiori Cloud


SAP Core Systeme mit SAP CoPilot

2. Hyperautomation (April)

I show you examples and use cases for Hyperautomation with SAP Cloud Platform:

SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

SAP Data Intelligence

3. Intelligente and autome Thing (IoT) (April)

I show you examples and use cases for Intelligente and autome Thing (IoT) with SAP Cloud Platform:

Internet of Things

SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

SAP Edge Services

4. Transparency and trust in products and their data (May)

I show you examples and use cases for this trend with SAP Cloud Platform:

Hyperledger Fabric on SAP Cloud Platform

MultiChain on SAP Cloud Platform

Quorum on SAP Cloud Platform

Related Services

5. Application operation, data management and computing power (June)

I show you examples and use cases for this trend with SAP Cloud Platform:

Platform Foundation

Data-Driven Insights

Computing power

Integrate hyperscalers

6. Security (July)

I show you examples and use cases for security with SAP Cloud Platform:

Alert Notification

Application Logging

Data Retention Manager

Identity Authentication

Identity Provisioning

SAP Data Intelligence

...Future (August)

and more

I show you examples and use cases for Intelligente and autome Thing (IoT)  with SAP Cloud Platform:

New networks as enablers of technologies for digitalization

5G promises faster and more reliable Internet connections, but this is only one of the features of the mobile Internet connection. For example, the low latency time, which allows a high-speed reliability with low real-time power consumption. It also offers the possibility of being able to address many more devices per radio cell than the current one.

In a nutshell, Wi-Fi 6 can transmit data about 8 times faster than Wi-Fi 5. New features such as orthogonal frequency division of multiple accesses, multiple accesses per user, multiple inputs, multiple outputs are important components for a more stable WLAN connection of multiple devices accessing the network simultaneously. Wi-Fi 6 has a maximum of 8 WLAN channels and is built to consume less battery power on the corresponding end devices.)

The two new network technologies are the enabler for mobile applications with IoT in the area of augmented reality, intelligent and autonomous applications.

SAP applications and their availability and flexibility benefit from the development of network technologies.

In my next blog post, you will learn about Ambient Experience and how this trend is impacting your business. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Device, Sensorig, AI and Voice  technologies will make it possible to provide and integrate in standard applications for enterprise processes.

your Gyro Gearloose


Overview of the 6 Trend's with details


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