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In Germany we have a word "Bergfest" which means halfway. 50 blogs ago on 25th of July I started with a personal challenge of reading at least one blog a day from SAP Community and tweet about them.

Fig. 1: Hashtag #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics (on Twitter)

Read about my progress and motivation here: How do you read a blog? – #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics

Here I want to share some personal insights during my way. I already wrote a resume after 30 days on my personal blog (german) and include some insights here:

  • Even if the blogs I choose are typically rich in content and with links and references to dive deeper it is only partly about the time invested on a daily base. The hard part is to stay consistent. But beeing consistent is the value part as understanding grows over time.

  • I started to curate a list with blogs to check if I have enough blogs for a 100 blogs challenge (was not sure at the beginning - currently 215 blogs on the list) and to sort and priorize them. During the time I came to a kind of selection process in the following steps:

    • Would I priorize the blog to put it in the Top 100 or should I put it in my extended list?

    • Is it as interesting and as relevant to read it in the next days and to put it on the list where there is a good fit?

    • Is it highly relevant and motivating to read it, so it becomes the next blog on my list?

    • => I found out that is process in my mind makes the selection very fast and satisfying, as I have a clear decision what to read next and being sure when it happens.

  • Sometimes I have a blog on my list, read it and see - this is not really an added value or something I would recommend. It is not about that the blog is not possibly a good read or not well written. To be clear I follow mainly my personal interests here and if I don't see a good fit in the context, quality or with the topic itself I will not set it on my list. I want to look back on this 100 blogs and say - whoever read them, this person really had learned something.

  • Motivation is very important for staying consistent. For a range of 23 days (Day 16-38) I focussed on a blog series about a SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase. I decided to dive deeper in some topics for a better understanding like CAP - SAP Cloud Application Programming, SAP AppGyver and DevOps with SAP. This is a very good way to deepen understanding in a topic on the one side. On the other side it is harder for my motivation to already see ahead so far, as it makes learning a kind of work and here it should be a fun and interest-oriented thing. I still see the value for my job, as it is importent to stay current. Consistency is the key to get it all. So in the future I would rather read the series as an overview and go deeper later on demand. (Does not fully work for my current series from Day 48-60 😉 )

  • Self care is important also during learning and personal development. After some time I found myself surfing around a lot and checking Twitter all the time. To come down a little bit I take one week time out what helped a lot to bring everything back into balance.


During Day 41-50 I had been in holidays. During that time I experienced two special effects:

  1. I was happy to find very relaxed time to read my blogs. I also started a second stream of reading a daily blog about non-SAP Data & Analytics. I just even startet with an additional MOOC.

  2. The more time I found to read, the more topics I found to dive deeper, the more I got aware what I still don't now. It is endless 🙂 - Therefore it is important to stick on the list to go forward and let it grow day by day!

So I look forward for the next 50 days of SAP Community blogs!

Would love to hear what your learning style is and how it works for you?
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