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Intro: This is a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content, speakers, and sharing my experiences. By doing this, I want to let the community members in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially an opportunity to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge. Open this tag to check out this series.

I recently had the privilege of being part of the SAP Inside Track in Chennai, an event that took place after 8 years in this city. Many thanks to the organizers ( maniprasath_73, Barath SB, Atiya Parveen ) and many other volunteers for making this event possible and a great success. The event began with a virtual keynote from Sindhu Gangadaran, where she emphasized the importance of SAP Community events. Following that, dharani.karthikeyan delivered the second keynote, providing an overview of SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) and Generative AI. She also emphasized the significance of the SAP Community in keeping everyone updated on these latest technologies. After that, we had keynotes from the sponsors: Selvakumar Rajendran from EY and S2 Integrators. The event ended with a panel discussion featuring industry experts.

I realize that I squeezed too much content into this single paragraph, but overall the team did a great job in organizing all the keynotes and the panel discussion, which surely motivated all the attendees and gave a glimpse of what technologies the community should focus on. By the way, I also had the opportunity to help the organizing team curate the technical sessions. It was a great experience working with them.

Some of the Pics from the Event 😉 - ruthvik.chowdary2 deepika_hm

As usual, I will now highlight some of the SAP BTP sessions and share some useful links. Let’s get SAP BTP Started.

SAP BTP Overview, Administration, and Multi-Cloud Strategy.

A lot of folks in the SAP ecosystem are having questions about what SAP BTP is or what it is used for. So I got it covered by giving an overview of SAP BTP and all its 5 pillars. If you are interested to learn, checkout the below video:

The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell – Overview Session – YouTube

The session on SAP’s Multi-cloud strategy with SAP BTP and Hyperscalers with reference architectures combines SAP BTP & Hyperscalers services to build the applications with the best user experience was given by praveenpadegal .

Presentation: SAP MultiCloud Strategy.pdf

The next session is on SAP BTP Onboarding, focusing on the administration, by Vijay Yadav. Learn more about it in this series:

BTP Onboarding: Getting Started - YouTube

SAP Build Sessions.

SAP Build, the low-code/no-code solution from SAP is gaining a lot of momentum among the developers these days. This can be clearly seen with 4 sessions from the community members.

Annapoorani Srinivansan from Bosch, Ravibabu V from EY and Keerthana Subramani, Mahesh P & Ravikrishna Thota from Mindset gave sessions on SAP Build Apps, Process Automation & WorkZone. Learn more about them here:

SAP Build Apps | SAP Community

SAP Build Process Automation | SAP Community

SAP Build Work Zone | SAP Community

There was also a session on SAP Analytics Cloud, covering the latest features from Rohit Jain (BOSCH). Learn more about it here at SAP Community.

SAP Analytics Cloud | SAP Community

I don't have access to the slides, so I am sharing the important links that you can learn from. That’s all from my side folks. Now I am ready and excited for the next Mega SAP Inside Track in Bengaluru 🙂


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