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Intro: This is a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content, speakers, and sharing my experiences. By doing this, I want to let the community members in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially an opportunity to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge. Open this tag to check out this series.

The latest addition to this series is about the SAP Stammtisch Plus event we organized at SAP Labs Bengaluru on 28th June 2023. The event kickstarted with a motivating keynote from abhishek.chatterjee, emphasizing the value of community events for the developers and for the SAP ecosystems, followed by the announcement of the next Mega SAP Inside Track :). The second keynote is from thomas.jung, sharing insights from his SAP Community journey and highlighting the importance of active participation. He also spoke about what SAP Developer Advocates does and introduced the newly formed Advocates team in India.

This event was organized by abhishek.chatterjee, vijay.simha & me. It was on short notice but thanks to all who made it to this event and I personally enjoyed talking to customers & partners, discussing their current usage of SAP BTP, and their future plans.

SAP BTP Sessions at SAP Stammtisch Plus Bengaluru

As the theme of the SAP Stammtisch Plus event goes, half the time is focused on the networking and other half on the sessions. There were a total of 2 sessions. One on SAP Integration Suite and the other on SAP BTP Runtimes.

Let’s get SAP BTP Started.

The first session is from, from SAP Labs on SAP BTP runtimes. He gave an introduction to all three runtimes, Cloud Foundry, Kyma and SAP BTP, and ABAP Environment. You can check more about SAP BTP Runtimes and their differences in the below link:
Runtimes, Environments, and Programming Models | SAP Help Portal

shriprasad.bhat, from British Telecom presented a overview of their complex SAP Integration Landscape that connects with many legacy and latest SAP Cloud solutions. He spoke about using CI/CD for Integration DevOps and using Cloud ALM for monitoring the integration flows. Check more about these concepts here below:

Follow the speakers for the latest content on SAP BTP.

That’s all from my side folks, I am ready to go to the next SAP Community event in Chennai, this month and see what sessions they have on SAP BTP topics 🙂


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