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1. Following OpenSAP courses

I would think most consultants are already familiar with this option; and I would like to complement SAP with their effort to make it a very professional and interactive training room by putting this 'way' on number 1. The instructors tell you everything about the newest SAP technologies and give you the opportunity to ask questions at certain moments.

Because you attend the course following a global curriculum, you and your colleagues follow the same course at the same time. This promotes discussions about the content and gives you structure as well.

In May 2016 the course 'Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5' became available on and a team of 7 experts of SAP were available to answer your questions on the online discussion board.


2. Attending a CodeJam

Now you have had your first experiences with SAPUI5 it's time to keep your knowledge up to date with the latest features of SAPUI5. One of the options you have to do this is attending a CodeJam. Besides the access you'll get to the tools and sandboxes, there will be interactive time with one of SAP's experts. Fellow developers from your region will be there and during the event you will be able to chat and extend your network.

As you know, SAPUI5 comes with versions, and each version brings new features. This event is good for both experienced and unexperienced SAPUI5 developers. You'll have time to ask your questions and share  your suggestions with the experts. Of all the four ways to keep your UI5 knowledge updated, this is the most interactive one by far. The expert leads you through the newest product features and you are going to work with the platform in a hands on approach!

For upcoming CodeJams you can visit:

In the Netherlands the next CodeJam about 'Latest in SAPUI5' will be held on the 13th of October 2017:


3. Attending an UI5con

In the beginning of 2016 the SAP-community realised to host an event in Frankfurt with the subject of UI5. Unfortunately many consultants like myself could only make the waiting list and had to hear from others on how participants from many countries shared their experiences and knowledge. In the same year a Dutch group of consultants decided to host an UI5con in the Netherlands which became a big success.

Representatives from SAP released new information that day and explained their roadmap while consultants from all over Europe shared their project-results, visions and knowledge. Furthermore, I was glad about the fact that, my presentation which highlighted 'the latest features of JavaScript' was accepted at this second UI5con.

The SAP community of Germany decided to host the same event again in 2017 and kept up the concept of hosting the event on the Friday before the sitFRA(GER). During this event, SAP announced to host this event on a bigger scale in st. Leon(GER), where 3 stages and 400 seats were available. At least one of these stages was meant to be small and cozy, ensuring the presentations remained interactive.

The UI5con is a social event, and in the case that you are not fortunate enough to secure a ticket; It might be an option to increase your chances by submitting a proposal when the invitation call-for-papers is open.

So far, sponsors succeeded to keep the UI5con’s for free of charge.


4. Building a OpenUI5 website

A non-interactive way, but a good way to get feedback and show your skills to others is building SAPUI5 websites yourself. If you are not in a SAPUI5 project yet, or haven’t yet participated in projects where you could show your skillsets; building a OpenUI5 website is a good way to improve upon and prove your skills. In other cases there might be not enough time in a project to do things the way you think is 'perfect'. With your own OpenUI5 page you can experiment anytime and save the code for future use.

Once your page is finished, your colleagues will definitely take some time to give their feedback and ask you some questions. Which means that you have to make it interactive yourself. If appreciated, tell them about your custom control's!

The most SAP friendly approach to host your UI5-website is on a HANA-Express server. However, there are other options to run your UI5-homepage with an affordable backend. In 2015 I started to build an web shop in UI5 at an internet hosting service where I set up the front-end by simply uploading the UI5-application and the open-UI5 resources folder. The back-end services were run in PHP.

In 2016 I decided to run my UI5 based homepage on a cloud-server with linux and node-js. Your project can also be enrolled on a tablet as a hybrid app.

Some examples of sites you could build are: A resume, a webshop or a presentation.


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