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One of the key objectives of any analytics visualization is to present data and information in a manner to allow statistical inferences.
SAP analytics cloud allow design strategies for all information displays, text sentences, tables, diagrams, maps, charts, images amongst many data visualization techniques for the said objective.

Sharing 3D Plots are also possible to display literally 360 degree view of the underlying data,  in the SAP Analytics for Cloud Platform using R Visualization.

While working on  SAP Qualified Solution on Recruitment Analysis by RenewHR and determining what is the best recruiting source for any new hires for any job level, looking at the following statistical measures of few of the KPI's , which happened to be numerically so close to each other , that it did not easily provide clear visual indicators to tell their impact on organization , by story telling of the underlying data.

Though the bar charts quantifies these KPI's  , however these could not provide clear advantageous source,  if there was any. Putting the average reference bar line helps, still the usual bar charts or combination charts did not give an easy 360 degree view of their impact on organization decisions.


SAP Analytics for Cloud provides adding R visualization within its storyboard development platform.Taking advantage of it,  3D data visualization of these KPI's  possible using opensource Javascript based libraries. Interactive graphs are easy to render with SAP analytics for cloud and allow users to change the data view perspective by zoom, pan and rotate actions to look at the data from 360 degree perspective.

The same 3D Interactive embedded in story is available for live preview at



View 1 - Internally Referred Candidates are well ahead of others in Performance Ratings


View 2 - Internally Referred candidates are well below others in employee satisfaction 

Note the clutter of Points for Job Board, Forwarded, & Campus does not really show how these compare amongst the named sources. Selecting these as data of interest provides, following view.

View 3 -  Easy 360 degree view comparison of selected data sources


This blog is to illustrate what all possibilities exist to effectively display statistical inferences of data and provide insights.

The 3D Interactive Plot is available for live preview at

Please feel free to message, If anyone is interested in achieving similar graphs for their story and or want to know more details .
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