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Dear community, let's create something valuable and helpful together. Every day we make our experiences (as developers). With software, hardware, processes, organizations and especially with people and ourselves. Some experiences are planned, others come as a surprise 😂 Over time, a real treasure of experiences accumulates.

It's precisely this treasure that I consider to be extremely valuable today. Experience often decides whether something goes well or bad, whether a situation can be mastered or not.

That's exactly why I came up with the idea for this SAP Community blog. Please write your three most important tips in the comments, based on your developer experiences. Tips you want to give to other developers, young or old, experienced or inexperienced, in the SAP universe or not.

I know "three" is a very small number. The choice is very hard. To make it even more challenging: choose the tips at a very high level 😊 Hopefully the tips will apply to many areas of our developer life. However, it is also risky to set it too high. Oh, and it doesn't necessarily have to be SAP development related.

So here are my three tips:

  1. Be data-centric: Focus first on the data, its meaning, structure and relationships. Understand them in the context of processes, organizations and IT. The algorithms then often arise by themselves.

  2. Software development is not purely an end in itself: Software is made by people for people. So just connect with everyone. Listen, observe, speak your mind, discuss, understand, ask questions, be helpful and more. This is the beginning of so many things...

  3. Be "well organized": I've seen a lot of good developers, but unfortunately I couldn't rely on them at all. In our modern, highly networked world, in which many people are involved in the development, maintenance, operation and use of software, good self-organization is simply a basic requirement for working together.

What are your three tips? Please write a comment. And feel free to refer to this blog on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media so that others can contribute their tips.


Best regards, thanks for your participation and stay healthy

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