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Intro: This is a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content, speakers, and sharing my experiences. By doing this, I want to let the community members in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially an opportunity to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge. Open this tag to check out this series.

The third installment of this series is about the latest Mega SAP Inside Track in Kolkata on 17th June 2023. This event was organized by moumitasaha.thedatatherapist(LN), Pradipto Kumar Saha, Sandeep Mukherjee, & SUBHASREE GHOSH with the support of many volunteers (check this post) and sponsors like IBM and others. Needless to say, this was another successful SAP Inside Track event in India with around 600 sap community members attending 28+ sessions.

There are a total of 4 tracks with two focusing on technical and 7 sessions focussing on SAP BTP. Check out the full agenda at this link: Agenda

SAP BTP Sessions at SAP Inside Track Kolkata

I will now highlight some of the SAP BTP sessions and share some useful links. Let’s get SAP BTP Started.

SAP BTP Overview

One of the first sessions in the events on BTP is from me, where I covered about the overview of SAP BTP and its strategy. I explained about the 3 important points, 1. Why SAP BTP is important? 2. What does it offer? and 3. How one can get started. I covered all these and touched on the 5 pillars of SAP BTP: Application Development, Automation, Integration, Data & Analytics, and AI. If you feel like you have missed this session, then don’t worry ;), check the youtube video which covers the overview of SAP BTP.
The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell - Overview Session - YouTube

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

ajitkpanda from SAP presented a session on Introduction to SAP CAP and Multi-tenancy with SAP BTP. He started with the introduction to SAP CAP, followed by a Demo and introduced the concepts of Multi-tenancy and how one can develop multi-tenant applications with SAP CAP and SAP BTP. If you interested to learn more, check out the links below:
CAPire - Documentation
Build a Business Application Using CAP for Node.js | Tutorials for SAP Developers
Multitenant SaaS applications on SAP BTP using CAP? Tried-and-True! | SAP Blogs

SAP's Multi-cloud Strategy & Reference Architectures

The next session is on SAP’s Multi-cloud strategy with SAP BTP and Hyperscalers from uanbazhagan, about SAP’s Multi-cloud strategy, architecture guiding principles, and some of the reference architectures that we have developed, which combine SAP BTP & Hyperscalers services to build the applications with the best user experience. I don’t have the presentation link, but here is mine from an earlier SAP Inside Track event.
Presentation: SAP MultiCloud Strategy.pdf

SAP Build Apps & Clean Core

avijdhar(LinkedIn)  & Koushik Goon from IBM presented on SAP Build. They spoke about the clean core concepts and how SAP Build apps - a SAP LCNC tool- helps the citizen developers to easily create apps with a demo. There are a lot of tutorials out there that can help you get started with SAP Build Apps, check below links:
SAP Build Apps | SAP Learning
SAP Build Apps | SAP Community

SAP BTP, ABAP Environment & RAP

The last session in this track is on the SAP BTP ABAP environment, specifically focusing on the RAP framework by Samannaya Roy  & Sumanta Basu. ABAP environment is one of the three environments available on SAP BTP, others are Kyma & CF runtimes. The folks who are familiar with ABAP can use this to develop the extensions & SaaS (multi-tenant) applications with the Restful ABAP Programming Model (RAP). Learn more about them here:
SAP Business Technology Platform, ABAP Environment | SAP Community
SAP Discovery Center - Getting Started with SAP BTP, ABAP environment (
Learn the Basics of ABAP Programming on SAP BTP | SAP Learning

SAP Build Process Automation (IRPA)

In the second track, there are 2 sessions, the first one is on SAP Build Process Automation - IRPA by Arnab Sen, who gave an introduction to automation, its advantages, and how SAP IRPA/Build Process Automation helps customers to automate repeatable tasks. Check the below links for more information:
SAP Process Automation | SAP Learning
Get More from Your Bots: It's SAP Build Process Automation  [AD215] - YouTube

SAP Datasphere & SAP AI

The other session is on the future of datawarehouse in SAP and SAP AI by Sriprakash Swain & Santanu Ghosh from IBM. They presented on SAP Datasphere and the different approaches customer can take to move from legacy datawarehouse solutions to SAP Datasphere. The second half is about SAP AI products such as  SAP AI Business services & SAP AI Core and some use cases related to SAP Siganvio and other solutions. Find about these more in the below links:
Explore SAP Datasphere | SAP Learning
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence | SAP Community

SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh

The final SAP BTP session at this event is from rahul.kothari  & umehta2  on SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh. They are also one of the first customers to adopt this service. They started with an introduction of Advanced Event Mesh and explained few use cases. You can also check their blog posts about this topic in their SAP Community profile.
SAP Event Mesh | SAP Community
SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh (

That’s it from my side, I am already planning to write another post about the recent SAP Stammtisch plus event we did in Bengaluru, and again it’s full of SAP BTP 😉


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