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The future of any technology in a company is directly tied to how current that technology is. Using outdated technology not only puts users at risk of security breaches but also ensures that the company cannot deal with more current developments in the field. With the IoT becoming a route many companies want to take, the software that that company has needs to be able to handle the vast volumes of data the IoT devices generate. SAP has made this a lot easier for companies going this route in their latest updates and modernizing to be at the cutting edge of the field is encouraged. However, because of how complex SAP is as a system, there are always pitfalls that are lurking right under the surface. Luckily, SAP has partnered with Cisco to provide solutions to the most common pitfalls that users may encounter when modernizing their SAP install. The combination of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco's HyperFlex, and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) offers a robust framework for computing, storage and network practices that is second to none. The main issues that Cisco has handled through its partnership with SAP include:

Data Management in a Modernized SAP Environment

The data management module of SAP is now based on a Cisco HyperFlex with a contained Cisco Container Platform (CCP). This enables the analyzing of data stores on site alongside fresh data being received from IoT devices. Being aware of this is essential to companies since it allows them to leverage the power of the incoming IoT data alongside existing sources to generate insights into the market. It is easy for a company to overlook the importance of existing data when something as extensive as the IoT data enters the system, but these systems work well together and can provide insights that either one or the other may not have seen.

Data Automation and Transitioning

Thanks to the integration of Cisco systems, the system to be deployed in a record amount of time. In the past deployments could take weeks, but now the simplification makes implementation a matter of days and in the case of less sophisticated systems, even hours. The smart control system allows for the programming of policies and access profiles for different employee classes. The benefit to the company is inherent compliance as well as permitting for increased security since only the things that are allowed to happen in a particular space can happen within that space.

Security Strategies

Data security is a concern on any SAP deployment, but the Cisco integration aims to ensure that there is never a moment in time that the data is at risk of being intercepted or copied. As mentioned above, only the things that can happen in a particular area are allowed to happen there, and similar to this, the security system limits what actions can be taken by which individuals according to the policies defined in the access profiles. Integrated systems like Cisco Tetration and Cisco AppDynamics help to control the data flow and access to data are among the 5 high income skills that you can learn online. Before this sort of integration, it was difficult to allow administrators such a comprehensive overview of how the system operates.

A Modern Landscape for a Modern Company

Technology will never stop marking in its quest to be more efficient and perform better than previous iterations. The inherent nature of technology to improve upon systems and make them more useful and usable benefits us, the users. Thanks to the integration between Cisco and SAP, administrators have tools that can help them perform the duties that a mere two years ago would have required specialized scripting and development to achieve. This collaboration with SAP and Cisco is a boon to all that utilize the system and can bring about a lot of new features and quality of life improvements moving forward.
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