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One of the scenarios I worked on for a client recently was a great learning experience and felt very satisfying..

In the industry generally clients have the fear of change. It is more to do with the fact that they have to train their employees on new applications which are intended to support their procurement and management.

Most of the clients are already comfortable with SAP ECC and S/4 HANA since it has been around for a while now. Ariba is relatively newer but, it invokes the same kind of feeling with the clients as they had when they started out using SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA.

One of the USPs of Ariba is that it is easy to use for the end users.

As per the requirement the client wanted to take advantage of the Sourcing capability of Ariba as well as the ease of easy user interface but wanted to manage their overall procurement processes in S/4 HANA.

There are 2 scenarios which were possible in such a case-


  • The initial set of master data existing in the SAP S/4C system should also exist & be in sync with GB, which is part of the SAP Ariba P2P.

  •  SAP Ariba Support enables the required features in SAP Ariba Buying (with guided buying capability enabled) for your customer realm.

  • You have the Ariba Network ID (ANID) assigned to your customer's Ariba Procurement or Ariba Guided Buying realm.

Scenario 1

The Purchase Requisition(PR) creation/approval happens in Guided Buying and the PO gets sent to Ariba Network from Guided Buying.
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  1. PR Creation/Approval takes place in Ariba Guided Buying.

  2. Follow on processes including PO, Order confirmation, ASN, Goods Receipt and Invoice are performed between Ariba Network and Guided Buying.

  3. Document Numbers are copied to S/4 HANA for record purpose.

Note: No Commerce Automation is required for this.

Scenario 2

The PO Creation takes place in S/4 HANA and all the steps are performed independent of Ariba Guided Buying except Requisition Creation.
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  1. PR creation takes place in Ariba Guided Buying.

  2. PO is generated after Approval in S/4 HANA.

  3. Follow on processes including PO, Order confirmation, ASN, Goods Receipt and Invoice are performed between Ariba Network and S/4 HANA.

Note : Commerce Automation is required for this.

Current known Limitations for Scenario 2

  • A Guided Buying PR can be edited only until it is approved in SAP Ariba Guided Buying.

  • Editing a PR to add a new line item.

  • Editing a PR to delete an existing line item.

  • PR header-level approval is not supported. The Guided Buying integration supports requisition line item-level approval.

  •  The transfer of attachments added at the header level of PR in Guided Buying is not supported.

  •  Changes made to field values on PO in S/4HANA Cloud are not synced with the corresponding fields on requests in Guided Buying.

Please feel free to comment and share your experience and knowledge on this.

As they say you gain knowledge only when you share knowledge.
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