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We finished up the BI+Analytics Conference earlier this month. It was a great event with great food and networking opportunities.

If you missed it, you are welcome to join some upcoming webcasts this week:

March 26 BI: Hybrid Analytics and Analytics Hub - Latest Developments

March 27 BI: Influence of Agility and Big Data Principles to BW/4HANA Architecture

March 28 BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

It started the Thursday before with the Track Chair briefing. What does a track chair do?

Source: Eventful Confences

My notes are as follows:

  • Room leader for track

  • 10 tracks

  • Speaker introductions

  • We get a packet with bios

  • Speakers arrive 10 minutes early

  • End at 40 minutes

I was track chair for hybrid analytics one day and the next day for SAP Analytics Cloud. I agree with what Chris Rae said about his role as track chair - you attend sessions you normally would not think of attending. See the MasteringSAP Podcast

Monday, March 11, started with a hands-on preconference:

It was sold-out with a full room. Ingo was assisted by Eric Yew, Jie Deng and Ty Miller

Source: SAP

We followed detailed step by step exercises.

Above is our first exercise using SAP Application Design

Another exercise where we did a dropdown

If you missed it you can join us May 6 for a hands-on before ASUG Annual Conference starts.

Day 1 started with Lindsay Wickham and Katie Walker, the Eventful Conference producers, kicking off the keynote.

Mo from SAP kicked off the keynote Day 1, with "hybrid being the path to the future"

"App Design completes SAP Analytics Cloud"

Jacob Stark, SAP, provided more demo magic.

First session of the day, Parkland Hospital showed how they are using SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom to manage nursing and ER:

Details behind the nursing scorecard

Source: SAP

SAP's Adrian Westmoreland covered Hybrid BI and Analytics Hub. If you missed you can join this upcoming webcast:

March 26 BI: Hybrid Analytics and Analytics Hub - Latest Developments

Source: SAP

More digital innovation "without disruption"

Source: SAP

Plans for BI4.3 include integration with Analytics Hub

Source: SAP

Analytics Adoption Challenges

Source: Borchers

Wrap up to Borchers keynote about their journey to SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud

Will Gagne, American Hotel Register, presented

Will is showing how they use comments in SAP Analytics Cloud

Jacob Stark, SAP, showing SAP Analytics Cloud Performance tips.

Don't miss this upcoming webcast April 4 BI: Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Story Performance in SAP Analytics Cloud

I liked his comment "no Wheel of Fortune" charts.

Nortek discussed how they used the Live Universe Connection with SAP Analytics Cloud

Next year the conference is in Atlanta.

What did I miss?

Also see #ASUG Annual Conference BI Sessions Schedule 2019 #SAPPHIRENOW
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