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In this video we explain FUNCTIONAL/TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE of the SAP IBP + SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD model, considerations like assignment of leading/master system to process steps/activities.

This video intents to cover hints, considerations, knowledge, experience which can support your vision, design, architecture phase or deployment of e2e planning transformation. Its 2nd out of 5 in the video series. Whole series is summarized here:

Below you will find details what & when we discuss and screen shots from the slides used in video.  


00:00 - 02:21 High level system architecture & integration for IBP combined with Financial planning

02:21 - 07:48 Business model impacts on technical design of the solution

07:49 - 10:49 Integrated Business Planning combined with Financial planning process model detail walk-trough

10:50 - 20:59 Assignment of leading/master system to all process steps and key activities in all process steps

  • Product, demand, revenue planning system assignment (SAP IBP, SAC, S/4 ...)

  • Supply, Cost planning, gross profit planning system assignment (SAP IBP, SAC, S/4 ...)

  • P&L planning, Lean fin. forecasting system assignment (SAP IBP, SAC, S/4 ...)

21:00 - 23:35 Rationale behind SAP IBP + SAP Analytics process model & system assignment

Fig 1. Simplified IBP combined with Fin. Planning system architecture

Fig 2. Selected business model impacts on technical design

Fig 3. Integrated Business Planning combined with Fin. planning model

Fig 4. Product review & Demand review assignments to systems

Fig 5. Supply review & Integrated reconciliation assignments to systems

Fig 6. MBR, Lean Fin. Forecasting, Enterprise Performance overview assignments to systems

Fig 7. Rationale for in which part of e2e process to use which system


In video we share, key elements of technical e2e architecture, importance of system assignments to process steps/activities. Once you have this figured out, you can design data integration flows, manage differences in process step granularities, define technical planning calendar and finalize process planning.

Whole series is summarized here

Call for action:

Please provide feedback and exchange in discussion to improve planning capabilities of your customers, of your business.


Note: Content of the video series cover my personal and not mine employer view at time.

Look forward to hear from you

Best regards

Robert Kepczynski


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