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This is a blog post series about all the SAP Community events I attend, specifically focusing on SAP BTP content, speakers, and sharing my experiences. By doing this, I want to let the community members in this region know the significance of attending these events and what they get out of it, especially an opportunity to learn about SAP BTP and a platform to share their BTP knowledge. Open this tag to check out this series.

In the next chapter of this series, I want to share about the recent SAP Community event - UX Innovations Summit in Bengaluru on 20th May 2023. This event was organized by Mindset Consulting, who also sponsored other sap community events in this region such as sitGGN & sitHYD. The event was quite a success, thanks to parusankar , kamalikabhar, and the entire organizing & volunteer team.

The event was kickstarted by an energizing keynote/panel discussion from Parvathy Sankar, Uma Rani & Mrudula Sreekanth on the importance of UX in the world of SAP. After that, the sessions started in 4 tracks, 2 demo areas, and one HandsOn. The exciting part is that two of the track’s main focus was SAP BTP and the other two were related to UX. The 2 demo pod areas and the HandsOn were also majorly BTP-focused.


SAP BTP Sessions at UX Innovation Summit

I had the opportunity to organize a Hands-On on the use case SAP Datasphere. You can find more details below. One of the questions that I got is from EY about how to position SAP Datasphere considering that there are many alternative solutions. My simple response is it comes with Business Context and Logic intact, unlike other platforms and also one can easily switch between live data or data replication depending on the scenario. You can find more about the use case below:

Enable Category Management with BigQuery and SAP Datasphere|Discovery Center mission

Track 3:

The first session is about the SAP Build WorkZone Advanced edition and the key features of it, presented by Mindset Consulting - Amrit Mohapatro and Ravi Kant Ranjan. You can find more about it here:

Get Started with SAP Work Zone

SAP Build Work Zone | SAP Community

The next session is from vinita_sangtani (Vinita Sangtani | LinkedIn), Tushar Jain | LinkedIn & Rtr Priyanka V | LinkedIn, Mindset Consulting about SAP Build Process Automation, showcasing the power of IRPA, Workflow, SAP CAP service, and Google Workspace integration in one Demo. Learn more about it here:

SAP Process Automation | SAP Learning

SAP Build Process Automation | SAP Community

The last session in this track is from Deepika Parmar | LinkedIn & maulik.parekh (Maulik Parekh | LinkedIn), Mindset Consulting on the topic of SAP Business Accelerator Hub, previously known as SAP API Hub. It started with an introduction and they showcased how one can easily find APIs for various SAP Cloud Products and it can be consumed in the applications easily. Learn more about it here:

SAP Business Accelerator Hub

Community | SAP Business Accelerator Hub

Track 4:

rajeev.gollapudi (Rajeev Gollapudi | LinkedIn)  from SAP Labs, presented the first session in this track on SAP BTP Strategy and Overview. He gave an overview of SAP BTP, explained its 5 pillars (App Development, Automation, Integration, Data & Analytics, and AI), and with an interesting customer use case. Learn more about it here.

The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell - Overview Session - YouTube

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform | SAP Community

The other session is from ajitkpanda (Ajit Kumar Panda | LinkedIn) - “SAP Multi-cloud Strategy and Reference Architectures with Hyperscalers” about SAP’s Multi-cloud strategy, architecture guiding principles, and some of the reference architectures that we have developed, which combine SAP BTP & Hyperscalers services to build the applications with the best user experience. I don’t have the presentation link, but here is mine from an earlier SAP Inside Track event.

Presentation: SAP MultiCloud Strategy.pdf

Demo Track:

There were a total of 2 demos. One is on SAP Build Process Automation, with an example of how candidate recruitment can be automated. This is from kriti97 (Kritika Hebballi | LinkedIn) and Harish Kr. Chendolu from Mindset.

The other one is on SAP BTP Mobile Services, with an introduction to the service and followed by a demo. harikrishnaanantha (Harikrishna Anantha | LinkedIn) and Abhimanyu Das from Mindset Consulting presented on this topic.

That’s a lot of BTP at the UX innovation summit. Make sure to follow these folks to stay up to date on SAP BTP and If you don’t want to miss out on amazing content like this, make sure to join the upcoming SAP Community events in-person. Also, don’t forget to join the local region-based groups by using the below link to learn about any upcoming events.


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