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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is now in its 7th release (release 1.6) and the ability to create extensions has evolved with each release. Here I will collect blogs around what customers are able to do using Visual BI Extensions and how customers are able to close some important gaps in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. In addition it also show what type of extensions can be developer using the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK.

List of blog entries

001: Visual BI Extensions – Feature Highlight: KPI Tile

002: Visual BI Extensions - Feature Highlight: Hierarchical Filter

003: Using Location Analytics - Part 1

004: Using Location Analytics - Part 2

005: Visual BI Extensions - Feature Highlight: Advanced Table

006: Visual BI Extensions - Listbox with Alerting Functionality

007: Visual BI Extensions - Facet Filter for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

008: Visual BI Extensions - Slider Component

009: Advanced Conditional Formatting for Charts

010: Visual BI Extensions - Responsive UI Container

011: Visual BI Extensions - Trend Icon

012: Using Excel and Google Sheets with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

013: Hierarchical Drill Down in Charts

014: Using Error Bars in Charts

015: Conditional Formatting for Maps

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