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I'll never forget my first Teched in 2012. I was only around 1 year into my career. With a big list of sessions in my hand I was walking around, wondering what's happening around me.

And, I happened to be at the Capgemini booth and a voice surprised me. A senior guy at the booth,

"Midhun, you must be the yougest VP of your company".

I nodded my head and smiled;)

(thanks to Teched team who printed my company name next to my second name - VP, Systech Integrators.)

2013 onwards I was famous than a novice(thanks to SAP Community, SAP Mentors, SAP Technology Ambassadors).

After all, the value of attending Teched is the unique content and the experience. Indubitably, we are overwhelmed with content ?. There are around 65 hands-on exercises on SAP Cloud Platform. So, I thought to put a list of top 10 sessions which I think will be exciting,

1. Extend SAP S/4HANA Cloud with Workflow and Messaging Services

I found it relevant because it touches three different topics - 1)SCP Extensions(a major use case of SCP), 2)SCP Workflow(an attractive SCP service that every customer wants), 3)SCP Enterprise Messaging(something completely new to learn).

2. Taking Your DevOps Skills on SAP Cloud Platform to the Next Level

Though we develop apps on the SCP we may have never thought about improving the DevOps skills or didn't give importance to it. For a developer this a unique opppotunity to learn about DevOps on SCP Cloud Foundry environment. Additionally, you can learn about SCP Alert Notification Service.

3. Extend Identity and Access Management Environments with Cloud Applications

4. Secure Microservices in Cloud Foundry Environment on SAP Cloud Platfor

Finding answers for security related topics on internet is always tough. Both #3 and #4 are security topics on SCP but, both are different from each other. When #3 talks about how SAP IDM and SCP Provisioning Service works toegether #4 is particular about securing an app with authorisation, user propagation etc on Cloud Foundry environment.

5. Build Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions for iOS and Android

SCP Mobile Service is in the market since quite some time so, there are enough resources out there. But, as I mentioned since the content is unique and if you are interested to learn how to mobilise enterprise this is a session for you.

6. Set Up and Use SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management

As the name suggests its about transporting the SCP project from one landscape to ohter. Ex.Dev>QA>PROD. This service was released in Dec 2018. So, this is a great opportunity for you to get your hands dirty.

7. Build Your Own Workflow from Scratch with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

A deep dive session on SCP Workflow. WF is a very attractive service one SCP services so, if you want to learn in detail from the Product Managers here is a chance.

8. Run Enterprise-Grade Integrations with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

9. Develop and Deliver Cloud-Native Extensions for SAP SuccessFactors

Both #8 and #9 doesn't need an explanation - Integration, and SFSF extensions are evergreen topics. Related use cases are extensively implemented by our customers. So, it's a good idea to learn more about it if you don't have experience in these topics.

10. Extend SAP S/4HANA Using SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development

The last recommended is a low code development tool called Mendix. It's worth to have a look at this tool to understand how easy it is to extend a solution with very low coding. It's very popular among many customers in Europe.

Bonus: If you are a born ABAPer this session is for you: "SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment: Extension and Integration Scenario"

I'd love to hear your ideas.

Midhun VP


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